Canada to Impose Restrictions on Temporary Foreign Workers in 2024

Discover the latest developments as Canada's Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, contemplates imposing limits on temporary foreign workers to address population growth and the housing crisis. Stay informed about the potential reforms and their impact on international students and workers.

In a recent press briefing, Canada’s Immigration Minister Marc Miller disclosed plans to potentially restrict the entry of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs) into the country starting in 2024. Miller expressed concerns about the current system, stating that it has been operating unchecked for too long.

Understanding Temporary Foreign Workers

Temporary Foreign Workers are individuals who come to Canada to work temporarily in specific occupations. They can include skilled professionals, agricultural workers, and seasonal employees.

Temporary Foreign Workers usually hold work permits valid for a limited period and are not typically eligible for permanent residency unless they meet specific requirements.

Reforms to Address Influx and Housing Crisis

Minister Miller hinted at unveiling comprehensive reforms early in 2024 to tackle the significant increase in temporary foreign workers. He drew a connection between this influx and Canada’s housing crisis, emphasizing the need for a more controlled and balanced approach.


Temporary Foreign Workers and Students’ Impact

Miller highlighted the surge in the number of temporary foreign workers and international students entering Canada. He clarified that his focus is on addressing the consequences of a system that has operated inconsistently for an extended period.

No Targeting Individuals

Despite focusing on system reforms, Miller stressed that he’s not targeting specific groups of people. He emphasized his aim to address the broader consequences of an overstretched system.

Recent Population Growth and Policy Changes

Canada Relaxed Rules For PR
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  • Canada’s population saw a record increase of over 430,000 in Q3 2023, driven largely by immigration.
  • In December 2023, Miller announced changes to the foreign student program, requiring applicants to demonstrate doubled financial sustainability.
  • He also threatened to revoke study permits and pressure provinces to crack down on substandard colleges to control international student numbers.

What’s Next for Canada’s Immigration System?

  • Miller’s comments signal a significant shift in Canada’s approach to TFWs and international students.
  • Specific details of the planned reforms will be revealed in 2024, likely sparking debate and discussion about Canada’s immigration policies.
  • The upcoming year will be crucial for understanding how Canada plans to balance its need for skilled workers with addressing concerns about system overload and its impact on housing and other sectors.


Canada’s recent population surge and its apparent link to temporary residents have prompted a major review of the country’s immigration system. While the details of the planned reforms remain unclear, one thing is certain: Canada’s approach to TFWs and international students is about to undergo a significant transformation.

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