Canada Job-Based PR: List of In-Demand Roles to Watch Out For

Canada's job market is experiencing a historic high in job vacancies with over 850,300 open positions. To fill these technical positions, the Canadian government has opened up immigration and announced plans to invite skilled workers from different provinces.

As you may be aware, the number of job vacancies in Canada has reached an all-time high, with over 850,300 open positions.

To address the country’s growing labour shortage, the Canadian government has opened the door to immigration and announced plans to invite skilled workers from across the country, including from different provinces.

Job-Based Permanent Residency (PR) in Canada

To fill up the technical positions in Canada, employers are relying on both the local talent pool and immigrants who have already settled in the country.

According to a recent survey by the BBC, two-thirds of businesses use Canada’s immigration system to find talent from other countries, while the remaining third prefer to hire immigrants who are already in Canada.


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In-Demand Roles

LinkedIn recently released a list of the 20 jobs that have seen significant growth in demand. These roles include positions in the tech industry, healthcare, construction, and other sectors.

Below is the full list of top in-demand positions for jobs in Canada, according to LinkedIn;

S. No.Job PositionsTop Hiring RegionsRemote Job Availability
1Growth Marketing ManagerGTA, GVMA, GMMA46.20%
2Product Operations ManagerGTA43.20%
3Dispensary TechnicianGTAN/A
4Technical Program ManagerGTA, GVMA29.30%
5Sustainability ManagerGTA10.50%
6Head of GrowthGTA66.40%
7User Experience WriterGTA44.70%
8Information Technology AssociateGTA, GMMA3.30%
9Site Reliability EngineerGTA, GVMA, GMMA44.70%
10Customer Success AssociateGTA12.70%
11Valuation AnalystGTA3.60%
12Sales Development RepresentativeGTA, GVMA, GMMA49.40%
13Security EngineerGTA, GVMA, GMMA57.90%
14Data EngineerGTA, GVMA, GMMA35.60%
15E-commerce CoordinatorGTA, GVMA, GMMA4.80%
16Technical Product ManagerGTA, GVMA33.10%
17Cyber Security SpecialistGTA, GVMA, GCMA13.40%
18Crew SchedulerGTAN/A
19Medical WriterGTA, GVMA, GMMA56.90%
20Media PlannerGTA, GMMA15.70%
  • GTA: Greater Toronto Area
  • GVMA: Greater Vancouver Metropolitan Area
  • GMMA: Greater Montreal Metropolitan Area
  • GCMA: Greater Calgary Metropolitan Area

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

The Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are an immigration pathway through which provinces can directly invite newcomers to settle as permanent residents based on their education, connection to the province, and experience with in-demand occupations.


In 2023, PNPs are set to overtake Express Entry-managed programs and become Canada’s largest PR pathway.


Canada’s job market presents a range of opportunities for both local and foreign workers, with in-demand roles covering a range of industries and fields. With the Provincial Nominee Programs and changes to Express Entry, the country’s immigration system is set to provide a seamless path for skilled workers to settle in Canada and contribute to the country’s growth.

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