Canada Considers Capping International Students to Tackle Housing Crisis

Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced Canada's consideration of capping international students, citing their impact on housing shortages and job markets. This potential policy shift sparks debate about managing immigration while attracting skilled talent.

In response to Canada’s escalating housing crisis and unemployment concerns, Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced the government’s consideration of capping the number of international students residing in the country.

This move signals a potential shift in Canada’s immigration policy, previously known for its welcoming approach to foreign students.

Unveiling the Discussion

Minister Miller did not specify the extent of the reduction in immigration that the government is contemplating. During an interview on CTV’s Question Period with host Vassy Kapelos, he emphasized the necessity for a collaborative effort between the federal and provincial governments.

The aim is to ensure that provinces align with the federal goals and address the escalating numbers of international students residing in Canada.


Addressing the Disconcerting Volume

Minister Miller expressed alarm at the “disconcerting” and “out of control” surge in international student numbers, citing their contribution to increased demand for housing and exacerbating affordability issues.

He emphasized the need for collaboration with provincial governments to regulate student intake, particularly in regions struggling with housing shortages.

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Potential Capping Measures Under Review

The precise details of the proposed cap remain undetermined, and Miller acknowledged it as a complex issue requiring careful analysis.


The proposal aims to manage student numbers in both the first and second quarters of 2024 to ease pressure on the housing market.

The government will also delve into specific academic institutions’ practices, ensuring responsible recruitment and financial capabilities of incoming students.

Balancing Immigration Goals with Domestic Needs

Miller underscored that a student cap wouldn’t be a universal solution to Canada’s housing woes. He acknowledged the importance of attracting talent and maintaining an ageing workforce, highlighting the need for a balanced approach.

He emphasized the commitment to verifying student admission offers and ensuring responsible financial planning before immigration.


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Future of International Student Policy Remains Uncertain

While specific details are still under discussion, Minister Miller confirmed the government’s ongoing evaluation of a potential student cap. This decision is likely to spark debate and raise concerns from educational institutions and international student communities.

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