Bengaluru Airport Lets Passengers Keep Gadgets in Bags During Security Checks

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru has introduced a new CTX (Computer Tomography X-ray) machine at Terminal 2 (T2) that eliminates the need for passengers to remove laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices from their handbags. The new system is expected to be fully operational in December 2023.

Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) in Bengaluru is set to enhance passenger experience and streamline security procedures with the introduction of a new Computer Tomography X-ray (CTX) machine at Terminal 2 (T2).

The CTX machine, which utilizes advanced 3D imaging technology, will eliminate the need for passengers to remove laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices from their handbags, significantly reducing screening times and improving overall passenger convenience.

CTX Machine Trial Run at Terminal 2

Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL) has confirmed the commencement of a trial run for the Computer Tomography X-ray (CTX) machine at Terminal 2 (T2) in the coming weeks. The initial deployment is targeted at domestic passengers, with full operation expected by December 2023.

  • The CTX machine is currently undergoing integration with the Automatic Tray Retrieval System (ATRS) and full-body scanners at T2.
  • Passenger trials are scheduled to commence shortly, following the successful completion of integration testing.

Key Highlights

1. Enhanced Security and Passenger Experience: The CTX machine offers superior image quality and detection capabilities, enhancing security without compromising passenger convenience.


2. Faster Screening Process: Passengers can leave their electronic devices and liquids, aerosols, and gels in their bags, reducing divesting time and expediting the screening process.

3. Improved Hygiene: By minimizing the need to remove items from bags, the CTX machine reduces contact points, promoting hygiene and minimizing the risk of contamination.

Benefits of CTX Machine Implementation

Reduced re-checks and physical inspections: The CTX machine’s advanced imaging technology allows operators to thoroughly examine bag contents without the need for manual intervention.

Fewer trays required: By eliminating the need to remove electronic devices, the CTX machine reduces the number of trays required per passenger, further streamlining the screening process.


Elimination of pat-downs: The CTX machine’s enhanced detection capabilities eliminate the need for pat-downs following initial screening.

Overall Impact

The introduction of the CTX machine at KIA marks a significant step forward in enhancing security and passenger experience at the airport.

With its advanced technology and streamlined screening process, the CTX machine is poised to revolutionize security procedures at KIA and set a new standard for passenger convenience.

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