Bangladesh Suspends All International Flights Till April 20


The Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB) Sunday announced that it has decided to suspend international flights for one week starting from April 14 with the commencement of the hard-lockdown in the country.

The official circular read that the Medevac, Humanitarian/Relief, Cargo, Technical Landing (for refueling only), and the flights cleared under special consideration will remain out of the purview of this suspension.

The circular further stated that the passengers coming by the flights cleared under the special consideration will have to undergo a 14 days institutional quarantine at the government-nominated facilities or hotels at the passenger’s own expense.

The aviation authority also informed that following the government guidance and instruction, with effect from April 12, all scheduled domestic passenger flights and charter flights of Helicopter/General Aviation will remain suspended until April 13.


It stated that from April 14 until April 20, all sorts of domestic, local, and training flights will remain suspended.

“Standard disinfection, sanitization and social distancing procedure for passenger, crew, equipment, and aircraft (inflight or on the ground) shall strictly to be maintained/ followed for the flights permitted for the operation,” the CAAB said.

Earlier on April 1, the CAAB issued an office order which said 4 days hotel quarantine is mandatory for all passengers from India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Oman, UAE upon arrival in Bangladesh at their own expenses. Besides, passengers from Doha shall not be allowed to enter Bangladesh till 18 April during the embargo period.

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