Bali Introduces $10 Tourism Levy Starting February 14th

Bali is taking a proactive step towards sustainable tourism with a new $10 levy for international visitors. Effective February 14, 2024, the levy aims to protect the island's unique culture, environment, and infrastructure. This article explains who needs to pay, how to contribute, and the positive impact it will have on Bali's future.

In a proactive move to safeguard the natural beauty and rich cultural heritage of Bali, the Bali Provincial government has unveiled the International Tourism Levy.

This initiative, effective February 14, 2024, aims to ensure the island’s cultural treasures and traditional way of life remain vibrant for generations to come while promoting sustainable tourism practices.

New Tourist Tax starting February 14

International visitors entering Bali will be subject to a one-time tourism fee of IDR 150,000 (approximately USD 10). This modest contribution will directly support the preservation of Bali’s unique culture, environment, and infrastructure.

To ensure a seamless experience, tourists are encouraged to pay conveniently through the Love Bali website or app before their arrival. Upon payment, a tourism levy voucher will be emailed, which serves as your entry pass. Simply scan the voucher at checkpoints in Bali Airport or sea ports upon arrival.


Who Needs to Pay?

While most international visitors will contribute to Bali’s sustainable tourism efforts, some visa categories are exempt from the levy. These include:

  • Diplomatic and official visa holders: Those on government business or diplomatic postings.
  • Conveyance crew: Individuals working on board ships.
  • KITAS and KITAP holders: Residents with temporary, limited, or permanent stay permits.
  • Family unification, golden, and student visa holders: These categories encompass visitors assisting family members, corporate investors, and students.
  • Specific non-tourist visa holders: Additional exempt categories exist.

To claim your exemption, simply submit an application one month before arriving in Bali.

Paying Your Levy: Quick and Easy!

Bali Tourism Levy

Follow these simple steps to contribute to Bali’s sustainable future:

  1. Visit or download the Love Bali app.
  2. Enter your travel details and pay the levy securely.
  3. Receive your Levy Voucher via email.
  4. Scan your voucher at designated checkpoints upon arrival in Bali.

Experience Bali Responsibly

The International Tourism Levy is an impactful step towards ensuring Bali’s cultural treasures and natural beauty can be enjoyed for years to come.


By contributing to this initiative, you’re not just paying a fee, you’re investing in the island’s sustainable future and enriching your own experience by supporting its vibrant communities and traditions.

Plan your Bali adventure today and discover the magic of responsible travel!

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