B1/B2 Visa: US Deploys Temporary Officers to Reduce Visa Delays for Indians

The long wait time for US visas has been a major concern for Indians, but recent initiatives by the United States are set to reduce visa delays. This includes the deployment of temporary officers from consulates worldwide to help with visa operations in Mumbai. Learn more about these efforts and their potential benefits for Indian travellers.

For a long time, Indians have been concerned about the lengthy processing times for US visas. Last year, the wait time for a B1 or B2 visa appointment at the US Consulate in Mumbai was as long as 848 days, causing significant inconvenience to travellers.

However, there is some good news on the way, as the US has taken steps to reduce visa delays for Indians.

The country has sent four temporary officers from its consulates around the world to help with visa operations in Mumbai, with the goal of shortening visa interview wait times and facilitating travel to the United States.

US Consulate Officers Deputed to Mumbai

The US Consulate in Mumbai recently tweeted a video introducing the consular officers who have been assigned to Mumbai on a temporary basis.


These officers include Jessica, who has been tasked with reducing visa interview wait times; Justin, who will facilitate travel to the US; Brooke, who will work to boost India-US business opportunities, and Dan, who will support family reunification.

These officers have taken time away from their regular duties in various parts of the world to assist with visa operations in Mumbai. Their knowledge will be useful in expediting visa processing and making travel to the United States more accessible to Indians.

Current Visa Wait Times for the US Visa

According to the latest information, visitors to the United States on B1/B2 visas are required to go through an interview process, which has led to significant wait times at various consulates in India.


The wait time for an interview in New Delhi is 614 calendar days, while Mumbai and Chennai both have wait times of around 694 and 679 calendar days, respectively. Hyderabad has a wait time of 610 calendar days, and Kolkata is at 564 calendar days.

Interview Required Visitors (B1/B2)Wait Times
New Delhi614 Calendar Days
Mumbai694 Calendar Days
Chennai679 Calendar Days
Hyderabad610 Calendar Days
Kolkata564 Calendar Days

Additional Measures to Cut-short Visa Processing

The US government announced a series of initiatives last month to reduce visa processing times in India.

These include special interviews for first-time applicants and an increase in consular staff strength. These measures will go a long way towards streamlining and streamlining the visa application process.


The deployment of consular officers from around the world, as well as the adoption of new initiatives by the US government, is a positive step towards reducing the wait time for Indians seeking US visas.


These measures are expected to make the visa application process easier and faster, making it easier for Indians to visit the United States for business, education, or personal reasons.

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