Average Air Ticket Prices Drop on Multiple Routes, Including Delhi-Mumbai

The overall average price of air tickets on multiple routes, such as Delhi-Mumbai, has shown a decline, according to a recent analysis by DGCA. While certain routes witnessed a significant drop in fares, others experienced an increase. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has called for self-regulation by airlines to ensure reasonable pricing.

In a recent analysis conducted by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), it has been observed that the overall average prices of air tickets on various routes, including the Delhi-Mumbai route, have witnessed a decline.

Notably, over the past few weeks, there has been a significant surge in airfares on specific routes, particularly following the suspension of operations by Go First.

Delhi-Mumbai Route Sees a 74% Drop in Average Airfares

Among the ten routes analyzed, the Delhi-Mumbai route witnessed a substantial decline of 74% in average airfares on June 29 compared to June 6. This data was compiled by the DGCA’s Tariff Monitoring Unit.

During the same period, the Delhi-Pune route experienced a 70% decline, the Delhi-Ahmedabad route saw a 72% drop, and the Delhi-Srinagar route observed a 36% decrease in average airfares.


Ticket Prices Rise on Certain Routes

However, it should be noted that ticket prices on certain routes saw an increase during the comparative period. The Mumbai-Delhi and Pune-Delhi routes witnessed a rise of 23% and 17% in average fares, respectively.

Earlier this month, there was a surge in airfares across various routes, prompting Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to urge airline representatives to self-regulate ticket prices. He also emphasized the need for a mechanism to ensure reasonable pricing.

It is important to note that airfares in the country are not regulated and are largely influenced by the supply-demand situation.

The expectation of Further Decline in Fares on Select Routes

On June 12, Minister Scindia announced that fares had already been reduced by up to 60% and were expected to decline further on specific routes that had witnessed an increase in prices.


The DGCA is closely monitoring the situation and taking necessary measures to address any fluctuations in airfares.

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