Australia To Keep Quarantine For International Travellers Despite Covid-19 Vaccine Roll-Out


Australia on Friday said it would keep mandatory 2-week quarantine for all international travellers despite the fact that Covid-19 vaccinations have been rolled out across the country and the world.

Australian chief medical officer Paul Kelly said that although preliminary data shows the AstraZeneca vaccine does reduce transmission of the virus, the evidence was not yet conclusive enough for Australia to open its borders for overseas travellers.

Asked if quarantine would remain until further notice, Mr Kelly said “yes“.

“At the moment, that two-week quarantine in hotels – as has been so successful up till now – remains regardless of vaccination.”

Australian chief medical officer Paul Kelly
  • The country has restricted most non-citizens from entering Australia; there are strict caps on how many residents can return each day and anyone who does so must undergo 2-weeks of self-paid hotel quarantine.

However, currently, there is no cases of community transmission in the country and expects to begin vaccinations this month.


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