Australia Faces Criticism Over High Rejection Rates for Indian Student Visa Applications

Australia's stricter student visa policy has come under fire for its disproportional impact on Indian applicants. Data reveals a 50% higher rejection rate for Indians compared to Chinese students, raising concerns about discrimination and mixed messages regarding Australia's educational aspirations.

Australia’s recent crackdown on student visas has fueled controversy, with data revealing significantly higher rejection rates for Indian applicants compared to those from China.

This revelation has raised concerns about the fairness and transparency of Australia’s visa approval process, particularly given the government’s expressed interest in strengthening educational ties with India.

Rejection Rates Disparity: Indians Face Stricter Scrutiny

Indian students seeking overseas study in Australia have faced a tougher journey this year. Government data confirms a 10% rejection rate for their applications, 50% higher than the rate for Chinese applicants.

As reported by The Sydney Morning Herald, Chinese students enjoyed a near-perfect 97.7% approval rate for universities and a 42.1% rate for vocational training institutions.


Crackdown Aims to Combat Fraud

The visa policy shift stems from the government’s effort to combat visa fraud and weed out “ghost colleges.” Australia’s top universities support this move, advocating for stricter measures to ensure genuine student intake.

However, critics argue that while tackling fraud is crucial, the low approval rates send a confusing message, especially considering the government’s push for closer educational ties with India.

Additionally, Nepalese students also face significant hurdles, with only 47% approval for universities and a dismal 9.1% for VET sectors.

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Balancing Security and Fairness

The Australian government insists on striking a balance between security and fairness. Advocates, however, emphasize the need to create a welcoming environment for deserving students. This clash highlights a potential disconnect between policy statements and actual visa processing practices.

New Migration System on the Horizon

With an expected announcement of a new migration system to manage international student and skilled worker influx, concerns about discriminatory practices resurface. The government maintains a commitment to a non-discriminatory visa program while emphasizing the need for genuine student applicants.

Criticism Amidst Plans to Reduce International Student Intake

The criticism comes at a time when the Australian government aims to reduce the intake of international students, aligning with the plan to halve net overseas migration by June 2025.

Stricter English language requirements, reduced work rights, and measures against colleges paying agents to poach students have been implemented to ensure the quality and authenticity of the student intake.


(Source and Inputs from The Sydney Morning Herald)

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