ASI Removes Restriction On Number of Visitors For Monuments/Sites


The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has lifted the maximum number of visitors to its centrally protected monuments/sites.

This is in line with the latest notice on the updated SOPs for centrally protected monuments/sites.

As many as 3,691 centrally-protected monuments and archaeological sites maintained by the ASI were shut from March 17 in view of the coronavirus crisis.

The new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) released on Friday mentions that the sale of physical tickets to these centrally protected monuments and locations can be resumed if problems arise with QR code and network.


The total number of visitors allowed per day, however, can be determined by the relevant Superintending Archaeologist/SA (I/C) in agreement with the respective district judge, who chairs the district’s district disaster control committee.

The SOP also states that sales of physical tickets can resume if there are problems with the QR code and the network. The sound and light show can continue.

With the exception of the changes mentioned above, all other provisions mentioned in the SOP of July 2nd, 2020 (see July 6th, 2020) remain in force until further appointments.

The notice also states that all centrally protected monuments and sites must continue to be bound by the Covid protocols issued by the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and the Ministry of Culture, as well as any specific instructions from the state and/or district administration.


All ASI protected monuments across the country reopened to the public starting July 6th with full safety and precaution. The rules of the states and counties where the monuments are located have been followed since they were opened.

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