Appointments For US Visas For Few Categories Available In Less Than A Week: Details Here


If you plan to visit the United States, you should be aware of the lengthy Visa Appointment Wait Times at all US consulates and embassies in India.

But here is a piece of good news for travellers planning a trip to the United States – visa appointment wait times at US consulates and embassies in India have significantly dropped. According to the latest update, the average wait time for B1 and B2 visas (which require an interview) is currently around 520 calendar days, down from nearly 1000 days in late 2022.


US Visa Wait Times for Interview Waiver Visitors

Apart from the overall reduction in visa appointment wait times, a select group of US visa applicants may be able to secure an appointment within a week or two, making it easier for certain categories of visitors to plan their trip to the US.

According to the most recent US Department of State data, the wait time for B1/B2 category visa applicants (who are eligible for Interview Waiver) from Chennai is less than a week, and it is nearly 21 days from Delhi.


Wait times in Hyderabad were around one week this morning, but as of the time of publication, they had risen to around 125 days. Visa wait times for B1-B2 Interview Waiver Visitors are listed below for all consulates and embassies in India.

Interview Waiver Visitors (B1/B2)Wait Times
New Delhi21 Calendar Days
Mumbai109 Calendar Days
Chennai6 Calendar Days
Hyderabad 125 Calendar Days
Kolkata182 Calendar Days

These are nonimmigrant visas for people who want to visit the United States temporarily for business (visa category B1), tourism (visa category B2), or both.

The latest data shows that B1 and B2 visa applicants, who are required to have an interview, currently face a wait time of 494 days at the US Embassy in New Delhi and over 500 days at all other US consulates in India.

Interview Required Visitors (B1/B2)Wait Times
New Delhi494 Calendar Days
Mumbai571 Calendar Days
Chennai505 Calendar Days
Hyderabad551 Calendar Days
Kolkata487 Calendar Days

Interview required as well as interview waiver crew and transit visitors, i.e. those in the C, D, C1/D categories, will have to wait only one day for an appointment. Those waiting for US student visa appointments and exchange visitors face wait times ranging from 64 days in Chennai to 325 days in Hyderabad.


Effort to Reduce Visa Appointments Wait Times in India

US State Department spokesperson Ned Price recently stated that the country is make every effort to reduce the wait time for visa interview appointments in India and the visa processing is recovering faster than expected and will return to pre-pandemic levels in the coming year.

According to Ned, as of November 2022, the average wait time worldwide for a tourist visa (B1/B2) interview appointment is approximately two months.

However, those with immediate travel needs who qualify under certain criteria can apply for an emergency appointment, which is usually available within a few days.

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