Air India to Launch International Flights from Goa’s Manohar International Airport

Air India, under the Tata Group's ownership, is making history as the first carrier to operate international flights from Manohar International Airport in Goa. With flights to Gatwick Airport in the UK, this move not only expands Air India's global reach but also serves as a tribute to the legendary Goan artist, Mario Miranda.

In a significant milestone for the Manohar International Airport (GOX) in North Goa, Air India, owned by the prestigious Tata Group, is set to become the first airline to operate international flights from the newly inaugurated airport.

The airline has announced the commencement of flights from Goa to Gatwick Airport, the second-largest airport in the United Kingdom, starting from July 21, 2023.

“We now fly from the newly launched @miagoaairport to Gatwick 3X weekly. (From 21st July 2023) To celebrate, a tribute to Mario Miranda – our favourite artist from Goa and forever a part of the Air India art legacy. Air India is the first carrier to fly internationally from the Manohar International Airport, Goa,” said Air India in a Tweet.

International Flights From Manohar Airport

Flight Operations and Expansion

Air India plans to offer a thrice-weekly service from the Manohar International Airport, connecting travellers to Gatwick Airport in the UK. With this new addition, Air India’s operations in the UK will increase to a total of 49 flights per week.


The airline currently operates 43 flights to London (Heathrow and Gatwick) and six to Birmingham. Additionally, Air India operates 31 weekly flights to Heathrow in London from Delhi and Mumbai.

A Tribute to Goa’s Art Legacy

Air India’s decision to launch the Goa-UK route holds a special significance as it pays homage to one of the state’s beloved artists, Mario Miranda. The renowned cartoonist, who received the prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Vibhushan awards, has left an indelible mark on the art world.

Known for his distinctive strokes that brought to life vibrant stories with a touch of humour, Miranda’s work was largely inspired by the essence of Mumbai and Goa.

Manohar International Airport: A Gateway to the World

Developed and operated by GMR Goa International Airport Ltd (GGIAL), a subsidiary of GMR Airports Infrastructure Ltd (GIL), the Manohar International Airport holds the promise of becoming a key transportation hub in the region.


The airport, inaugurated in January of this year, aims to boost connectivity and facilitate economic growth in Goa and its surrounding areas.

As Air India takes the lead in international flights from MIA, it paves the way for future developments and opportunities for both the airline and the airport.

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