Air India Partners with AccesRail to Offer Seamless Travel to 100 European Cities

Air India has joined forces with AccesRail to revolutionize travel across Europe. Passengers can now seamlessly explore over 100 European cities on a single ticket, combining air, train, and bus travel. This innovative partnership not only enhances connectivity but also emphasizes environmental sustainability.

In a strategic move to enhance the travel experience for its passengers, Air India has joined forces with AccesRail, a leading intermodal travel provider, to offer a groundbreaking solution that opens up over 100 European cities for exploration.

Under this innovative interline agreement, Air India passengers can now enjoy the convenience of seamless train and bus travel across Europe, all on a single ticket.

This collaborative effort not only facilitates enhanced connectivity but also extends the airline’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious travel options.

Air India’s Intermodal Partnership with AccesRail

Air India, a prominent player in the aviation industry, has taken a bold step towards revolutionizing the way travellers explore Europe. The airline’s partnership with AccesRail allows its passengers to embark on intermodal journeys, seamlessly combining air travel with train and bus connections.


This novel approach opens doors to various cities and towns that might not have airport access, significantly expanding the spectrum of travel opportunities for Air India’s patrons.

Here are the key details of the partnership:

  • Passengers can book a single ticket for their entire journey, including flights and train or bus connections.
  • The partnership covers over 100 cities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, and the UK.
  • Passengers will be able to take advantage of the same baggage allowance on both legs of their journey.
  • The agreement is currently available for booking through travel agents globally. Air India plans to extend the facility to its own sales channels progressively.

Extensive European Coverage

The collaboration between Air India and AccesRail presents travellers with a unique opportunity to experience the charm of Europe’s diverse destinations. Passengers can leverage Air India’s European gateways in Amsterdam, Birmingham, London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Milan, and Vienna to embark on their intermodal journeys.

This comprehensive coverage ensures that even smaller European cities without direct airports are within easy reach.


A Leap Towards Sustainability

Nipun Aggarwal, the Chief Commercial and Transformation Officer of Air India, emphasized the strategic importance of this partnership in the airline’s ongoing transformation. Aggarwal stated, “The expansion of our global network is one of our key priorities… This partnership with AccesRail not only helps us to provide our guests easy access to an extended network of destinations across Europe but also to bridge the gaps in connectivity between India and Europe. Augmenting our network with an intermodal approach also underlines our commitment to environmental sustainability.”

Empowering Travel Possibilities

AccesRail’s Vice President of Business Development, Andrew Popescu, expressed his enthusiasm for the Air India-AccesRail collaboration, highlighting the potential it holds for future expansion.

He remarked, “Through this enhanced AccesRail partnership, Air India will be able to, now and in the future, offer its customers more destinations and more possibilities in a more seamless fashion.”

The partnership brings together a diverse network of rail and bus operators, enabling travellers to embark on intermodal journeys under the umbrella of a single ticket.


Booking and Availability

Currently, intermodal tickets for Air India’s extended network are available through global travel agents. The airline plans to progressively extend this facility to its own sales channels, further enhancing the accessibility and convenience of these travel options.

In an era where travellers seek convenience, choice, and sustainability, Air India’s collaboration with AccesRail signifies a major stride forward.

This partnership not only propels the airline’s global footprint but also ensures that passengers can now explore Europe’s hidden gems with greater ease, comfort, and environmental consciousness.

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