Air India Introduces Self-Baggage Drop and Kiosk Check-in Service at Delhi Airport

Air India has introduced a game-changing self-baggage drop and self-kiosk check-in service at Delhi Airport. Passengers traveling domestically and internationally can now enjoy a stress-free journey, complete with personalized options.

In a significant move aimed at enhancing the overall customer experience, Air India, the national carrier of India, has unveiled an innovative integrated self-baggage drop and self-kiosk check-in service at Terminal 3 of Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

This pioneering initiative makes Air India the first Indian airline to offer such a seamless and convenient service to its passengers.

Streamlined Travel Experience

The newly introduced service is currently accessible to both domestic and international travellers. Passengers flying to Australia and within India can now enjoy a hassle-free journey thanks to this groundbreaking feature.

With this system in place, Air India travellers can effortlessly print their boarding passes and baggage tags, all while bypassing the need to visit traditional check-in counters.


Customization and Convenience

Notably, these cutting-edge kiosks also provide passengers with the flexibility to customize their travel experience. Travellers can select their preferred seats and update their frequent flyer numbers, among other options, ensuring their journey meets their individual preferences.

Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience and Ground Handling Officer at Air India expressed his enthusiasm about this development;

“This facility eliminates the queue waiting time for check-in over the counters and helps travellers to nearly breeze through the airport. We not only plan to extend this for flights to more countries around the world but also intend to introduce it at other airports in India as well as at major airports in other parts of the world. Our continued effort remains to simplify processes and elevate customer experience, for our guests to enjoy travelling as much as we love flying them.”

DigiYatra Initiative Expansion

This introduction aligns perfectly with Air India’s successful implementation of the DigiYatra initiative for domestic flights. The self-baggage drop facility is yet another stride towards enhancing the convenience and efficiency of travellers’ journeys, starting from the moment they arrive at the airport to when they manage their check-in process independently.


Project Abhinandan

In a bid to further elevate passenger satisfaction, Air India recently unveiled ‘Project Abhinandan.’ This initiative has seen the deployment of specially trained Service Assurance Officers at 16 major Indian airports.

These officers are equipped to proactively identify and address passenger concerns, offering on-ground assistance across various airport touchpoints.

With these groundbreaking developments, Air India continues its mission to redefine the travel experience, providing passengers with a more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable journey. The introduction of the self-baggage drop and self-kiosk check-in service marks a significant milestone in Air India’s commitment to delivering world-class service to its valued customers.

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