Air India Announced Waiver For Flights Cancelled Between India and UK


In view of the extension of GOI directives leading to curtailment of flight operations between India and the United Kingdom till 31st March 2021.

To facilitate the passenger booked to travel on Air India’s flight which has been canceled during the above-mentioned dates, it has been decided to offer the following benefits/flexibility for passengers, for travel between India and the United Kingdom.

1. Applicability

This waiver is applicable for ticket issued on 098 Document.

2. New Ticket Travel Validity

  • New tickets travel validity, irrespective of the date of purchase, will be as detailed below or will be as per Holding Tickets/Fares Standard Validity, whichever is later or maximum.
  • The new ticket validity will be 31 December 2021 and the journey must be completed before this date.

3. Penalties

  • Change Penalty Waiver : For Ticketed itinerary, between 16 Mar to 31 Mar 2021 only for first instance, charges for Date, Flight, Routing, Sector and Booking Code will be waived. For any subsequent change, original ticketing conditions w.r.t penalties i.e. Change, No-show will apply.
  • Cancellation fee waiver.

4. Applicability Of Fare Difference

  • NIL fare difference will be applicable for First Instance only.
  • For any subsequent change, only fare to be reassessed and difference in fare to be collected as per Original Issue by using manual tariffication, and ignoring Fare Validity (if it is lower, for new planed itinerary). The benefit of new validity will be as mentioned in point (B) maybe offered to the passenger. Down selling of RBD/FARE is not permitted.

(Source: Air India Circular Waiver Number: 37/INT/202)


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