Afghanistan Embassy Announces Permanent Closure in India

Discover the latest developments as the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi announces its permanent closure due to ongoing challenges from the Indian government. Explore the reasons behind the decision, the impact on the Afghan community in India, and the future of the mission.

In a significant development, the Afghanistan embassy in New Delhi has officially declared its permanent closure effective from November 23, 2023. The decision comes as a result of persistent challenges faced by the embassy from the Indian government

The announcement follows the earlier cessation of operations on September 30, with hopes that the Indian government’s stance would change favourably to allow normal mission operations.

Diplomatic Mission Shuts Down Amidst Ongoing Challenges

In an official statement, the Afghan embassy cited “persistent challenges from the Indian government” and “a significant decline in the Afghan community in India” as the primary reasons for the closure.


The embassy noted that the number of Afghan refugees, students, and traders in India has nearly halved since August 2021 and that very limited new visas have been issued during this period.

Diplomats’ Exit and Future Decision

The embassy confirmed that there are currently no diplomats from the Afghan Republic in India, with those who served in the national capital safely reaching third countries.

The fate of the mission now rests upon the Indian government, which will decide whether to maintain its closure or consider alternatives, including the possibility of handing it over to Taliban diplomats.

End of Afghan Republic Mission and Gratitude to India

The statement concluded by announcing the official end of the Republic mission in India, expressing gratitude to the people of India for their support over the past 22 years.


It reiterated the commitment to serving the people of Afghanistan and exploring avenues to support the nation in these challenging times.

Notably, the closure was initially announced on November 1, citing a “lack of resources” and the “failure to meet Afghanistan’s interests” by the Taliban regime.

The embassy also made an “unequivocal statement” regarding certain consulates operating on instructions and funding from Kabul, emphasizing their misalignment with the objectives of a legitimate or elected government. Instead, they were seen as serving the interests of an “illegitimate regime.”

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