9 Cheap Things to Do In Dubai


The name “Dubai” in itself has become synonymous with luxury and grandeur nowadays. After all, the first things that usually come to mind when we hear it are neck-bending skyscrapers and beautiful skylines. It has rightfully earned its place on the to-visit lists of millions of people and has an incredible tourist economy. In 2019, it had a whopping 16,730,000 international visitors, which decreased manifold due to the dreadful pandemic which had us caged in our own homes.

But now as the travel restrictions are lifting, Dubai is back on track and is planning to invite a shattering 25 million tourists by 2025, thus removing Bangkok from the top of the most-visited list of places.

With all its glamour and glory, Dubai isn’t a cheap place to visit. However, there are wondrous many things that tourists can do to not only taste the richness of the place, but also its culture.

Budget-Friendly Things to Do In Dubai

Here are some free and very cheap things to do while visiting Dubai:


1. Camel Museum 

Nestled in the middle of the Arabian desert, camels are a frequent occurrence on the outskirts of the city. But the importance of camels doesn’t go unnoticed even in the city itself, and this is highlighted by the presence of a Camel Museum, which is completely free of cost to visit. It has information about the importance of camels in the region, camel races, and their history as well. The museum is well-loved by tourists as it provides insight into the culture and heritage of the city of Dubai.

2. Free Movie Under the Stars

If you’re a cinephile, and craving a movie but don’t want to miss out on Dubai’s adventures during your limited time there, then this one is perfect for you. Every Sunday night, a movie is screened at the Pyramids Rooftop complex in the Wafi mall, completely free. Tourists can go grab a seat and watch a movie while relaxing under the starry sky.

3. Dubai Fountains

Dubai’s fountain display near the Dubai mall is one of the most mind-blowing attractions that Dubai presents to its tourists. The choreographed fountain show goes off once every 30 minutes and makes for a wonderful sight for wandering tourists.

4. Kite Beach 

The kite beach in Dubai is a clean and tourist-friendly beach, fully equipped with a beach library and play area for kids. It is the perfect destination if you want a day full of relaxation and beach waves. The bright kites against the sky make for a beautiful scene and are perfect for a day outing.


5. Spice and Gold Souk

Dubai’s Spice and Gold Souks are the city’s traditional markets laden with fragrant spices and glittery gold. The shop provides a variety of exotic spices from distant corners of the world. While the spices are not free of cost, entry to the Souk and sightseeing while wandering through the souk are definitely free of charge. Even if you don’t buy anything, it would be a rich experience of Dubai’s culture.

6. Free Aquaventure Waterpark 

Now while Aquaventure tickets cost a fortune, there is still one day in a year when you can access the park and all its adventurous rides completely free. Yes, on your birthday the park grants free access to individuals. All you need to do is register your birthday on their website and voila, a day full of adrenaline in the world’s largest water park!

7. Alserkal Avenue

Art museums are a thing of beauty present all around the world. They make for bubbles of artistic and curious minds. Completely free for those interested, Alserkal Avenue in Dubai is a buzzing art hub for all the artists and art patrons out there. It provides a vast array of artistic pieces and fuses art, food, fashion and music to create a haven for those visiting.

8. Free Walking Tour

As the name suggests, Dubai offers free walking tours which are led by local guides. If you’re looking to understand and interact with the local culture and environment of the great city of Dubai, walking tours may be the best option. Laid back and interesting, they provide entertainment and last up to 4 hours. Although booking is free, the tourists are expected to tip the guide whatever amount they feel is right!


9. Coffee Museum

Are you one of the millions, probably billions, that just can not operate without coffee? If yes, this Dubai attraction is just for you! It’s established inside the Al Fahidi Heritage Area, and no entry fees are required. The museum is filled with information about various types of coffee, their region, history, and everything there is to know!

With such and more cheap and free things to do, a Dubai city tour on a budget is far from impossible. While the hotel and travel expenses are an issue, discounts can be availed from many airlines if the time is right! So keep aside the planning and get to the action!

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