6 Fun Things To Do In Dubai


Dubai is magical at all times of the day. But, many people seek out the incredible nightlife experience in Dubai. With a multitude of sparkling lights shining from tall buildings, the city’s urban landscape is illuminated by night, the place becomes magical. You can explore Dubai nightlife with your friends, and family or just relax on the beaches.

Here are the top six fun things to do in Dubai.

1. Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

A safari tour through the Dubai deserts is a popular activity. Admire the stunning views from the dunes. You can also try your hand at camelback riding and sandboarding. As you make your way towards your camp, take a photo of the stunning sunset in the desert. A great Middle Eastern meal is one of Dubai’s most popular activities. There are many vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. After a Dubai desert safari, relax at your campsite and enjoy a live belly dance show, Tanoura dance performances, and a fire display.

2. Visit Motiongate Dubai

Do you want to relive your childhood with your favourite movie characters? Motiongate Dubai tickets offer attractions that are based on the most famous Hollywood franchises. It is the ideal place to get lost in the world of cinematic adventure. You can enjoy a full day’s entertainment in one location: Theme park rides, character meet-and-greets, live shows, retail shops, as well as live entertainment. MOTIONGATE, Dubai is an unforgettable experience. It’s the largest Hollywood-inspired theme park in the region and it’s great for all ages.


3. Discover the Bollywood Park in Dubai

This unique park, which is themed around Bollywood, is a must-see for Bollywood fans and ‘filmi Keedas’. You’ll enjoy a great time with dazzling performances, glamorous shows, and hair-raising rides. Bollywood Park is located in the middle of Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is divided into five zones that reflect the most popular Indian films. Enjoy the vibrant streets of Mumbai, and join Don the mafia boss on his thrilling chase through a 3D tunnel ride. Dubai Bollywood Park tickets offer you a tribute to the vibrant Indian film industry and showcase the amazing spirit behind Bollywood and the stars who make it possible. Explore the rural village of India, modelled after the film “Lagaan”, and enjoy a variety of thrilling rides and attractions. You can also stroll through Bollywood Boulevard, where you will find the Rock On! themed restaurant.

4. Explore Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

One of the biggest aquariums in the world is featured at the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Explore the tunnels and enjoy the amazing underwater life. Admire the diversity of marine life found within the aquarium tanks. This includes the largest number of tiger sharks anywhere in the world.

The Underwater Zoo offers a Shark Tank Experience that takes you on a guided tour of the tanks. The cage snorkelling experience takes you through the tanks and into deep blue waters. The King Croc encounter allows you to meet the largest crocodile on the planet.

Visit the Penguin Cove to interact with, feed, and watch the penguins at the zoo.


5. Enjoy Atlantis Aquaventure’s Water Park and Lost Chambers.

Aquaventure Waterpark, which is located on the man-made Palm islands, is the largest waterpark in Dubai. It’s a haven for adventure-seekers. The incredible water park is known for its many iconic attractions, private beaches, traditional waterslides and children’s play area. Dubai’s most popular water park offers a unique mix of adventure, thrill and fun. You can plan your day so you can visit both areas and spend the whole day on rides. Enjoy the Lost Chamber Aquarium at Aqua Venture and get lost in the wilderness. This will make your vacation memorable.

6. Visit Legoland Park Dubai

Legoland, a family-friendly theme park located in Dubai’s parks and resorts is located. It allows you to play with Lego bricks as well as enjoy water slides. Nearly forty interactive rides are available at Legoland Dubai. Legoland Dubai has over 40 attractions and 15,000 Lego brick-built models. Children aged 2-12 years old can have a great time. The Legoland Water Park features over 20 LEGO-themed slides and attractions, including the Duplo toddler play area or wave pool. There was also a Build-A–Raft River where custom rafts were made. This is the only water zone in the region that’s specifically designed for families with young children.

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