5 Places to Visit In Amsterdam On Your Honeymoon Trip


Amsterdam with its opulent ambience, enthralling history and a myriad of exquisite tourist attractions, makes it a fabulous addition to your bucket list. Explore the most enthralling European summer whilst on a canal cruise and admire the age-old houses, villas and museums of this beautiful city.

Amsterdam features a plethora of extraordinary attractions that are perfect for all honeymoon lovers. The exquisite Vondelpark with a myriad of natural pavements, picnic spots and jogging tracks is the best getaway on your vacation. Relax with your partner under the cool shades of the cherry blossoms and watch life go by.

Another one of the most sought-after attractions to visit in your Amsterdam excursion is the magnificent Tulip museum or garden. Filled with thousands of vibrant tulips of all imaginable colours, this museum is a perfect way to admire the enthralling nature surrounding us. Pose with the tulips as the perfect backdrop for all your pictures.

On your Amsterdam excursion, explore the exquisite art museum and exhibitions that highlight European history, especially the world war times. Visit the Anne Frank museum and admire unimaginable revelations about the Nazis. Take a guided tour visit to the infamous Van Gogh museum and make splendid memories to last a lifetime.


5 Must Visit Places In Amsterdam

1. Picnic At Vondelpark

Known for being one of the most exquisite parks right in the middle of the city, this beautiful park has numerous cafes and restaurants that attract a large crowd of tourists. The entire park is studded with a multitude of roads, biking trails, and an enthralling lake where you can witness ducks and swans and picnic spots.

If you are on your honeymoon, then take your partner for a relaxing picnic excursion and have a splendid time rejuvenating amidst the vibrant grasslands and meadows of the park. The park also has sculptures lining the pavement and fabulous performances at the open-air theatre that you must witness once in your Amsterdam Honeymoon Package.

2. Amsterdam Tulip Garden

Amsterdam is extremely famous for featuring the magnificent tulip garden in full blossom. The Amsterdam tulip museum features Holland’s most fascinating tulip flowers in their full bloom. Their striking beauty poses as the perfect background for all your vacation pictures.

The tulip museum shares a fascinating narration on how these flowers are cultivated and harvested throughout the year. Click pictures with the tulip fields and stroll through them you lay your eyes on the most exquisite natural beauty.


3. Anne Frank Museum

Be it a honeymoon trip, family excursion or solo travels, a visit to Amsterdam is incomplete without a visit to the Anne Frank museum. This museum holds the last few memories of the 14-year-old who lived here secretly away from the gruesome Nazis.

Take a guided tour visit and explore the entire house. The House with its corridors filled with old pictures, a secret annexe where lived Anne Frank and other exquisite revelations will definitely be the most amazing edutainment trip that you can indulge in. Anne Frank museum is a definite addition to your Amsterdam travel itinerary.

4. Stroll through the Van Gogh Museum

Beautiful paintings, an intriguing history, an amazing aesthetic and a soothing ambience make the Van Gogh museum a historical masterpiece. This permanent exhibition features some of the most thought-provoking paintings of this world-class painter.

Stroll through the museum and discover his self-portraits, natural landscapes, sketches and interesting painting marvels that attract a lot of art enthusiasts from across the world. This museum also has the Van Gogh letters on display which will let you dwell on his past life and narrates the story timeline from his birth to death.


5.  Dinner on Canal Cruise

What is better than a canal cruise through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. This exquisite canal cruise will take you on a serene excursion where you can witness the most exotic views of the age-old houses, museums and local life of Holland at its best.

These canal cruises also have fantastic dining affairs. So as you soak up in the opulent Amsterdam climes, feast on some fancy European delights and gulp down delicious cocktails and wines. The canal cruises are quite a sought-after activity in Amsterdam that every tourist needs to try out once.

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