150 Air India Passengers Stranded In Doha Due To Technical Issue In Aircraft


A total of 150 Air India passengers bound for Jaipur and Delhi are stranded in Doha airport since Monday evening after the aircraft met with a technical problem and the departure was delayed and by the time the aircraft was ready for the flight, the pilots’ limitation on flight duty time had kicked in.

Air India flight AI-1974 operating the Doha-Jaipur-Delhi route was scheduled to depart Doha at 8.45 pm.

An Air India spokesperson said that the flight was delayed due to technical reason. “By the time, the aircraft was cleared for take off at 11.40pm, the cockpit crew had come under FDTL (Flight Time and Duty Limitation-norms that lay down the work and rest timings for pilots) and could not operate,” said the Air India spokesperson, adding that there are 150 passengers in the flight.

“The transit hotel inside the airport was full so accommodation could not be arranged for passengers and crew at the airport. As per Air Bubble arrangement, crew is not permitted to go outside the airport.


Passengers were served dinner and special permission was sought from local authorities to accommodate them in hotel outside the airport. However, passengers opted to stay at the airport in a separate enclosure.

Air India senior officials at Doha are in constant touch with the passengers and crew and looking after them,” said the Air India spokesperson.

(Source: Times of India)

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