149 Passengers Placed in ‘No Fly List’ in Last Three Years: Aviation Ministry

The Ministry of Civil Aviation has released information indicating that 149 passengers have been banned from flying in the past three years based on recommendations from the respective Internal Committees of airlines.

According to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, 149 passengers have been placed on the ‘No Fly List’ for a certain period in the last three years. These recommendations were made by the Internal Committee constituted by the respective airlines. None of these cases has been revoked to date.

The Minister of State in the Ministry of Civil Aviation Gen. (Dr) V. K. Singh (Retd) provided this information in a written reply to a question in Rajya Sabha on Tuesday.

SOPs for Unruly Passengers

The Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR), Section 3-Air Transport, Series M, and Part VI titled “Handling of unruly/disruptive passengers” provides the Standard Operating Procedures (SoP) for airlines to deal with such passengers. The following are the highlights of the SoP:

(i) Complaints about unruly behaviour from the pilot-in-command must be referred by the airlines to an Internal Committee constituted by the airline.


(ii) The Internal Committee must decide the matter within 30 days, including the category level of the unruly passenger and the duration of the ban from flying according to the CAR provisions.

(iii) The concerned airline may ban such passengers from flying for up to 30 days while awaiting a decision from the Internal Committee.

(iv) The decision of the Internal Committee is binding on the airline concerned. If the committee fails to make a decision within 30 days, the passenger may fly.

(v) Airlines must keep a database of all unruly passengers after a decision is made by the Internal Committee and inform the same to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and other airlines.


(vi) The DGCA maintains a ‘No Fly List’ based on the information provided by the airlines.

Suspension of Pilot License

In the last three years, one pilot’s license was suspended for a period of three months due to their failure to discharge their duties. The case has neither been reviewed nor revoked.

This SoP is necessary for ensuring the safety of all passengers on flights. The Ministry of Civil Aviation encourages all airlines to follow the SoP and take action against unruly passengers.

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