Just 0.03% of over 12 lakh domestic flight passengers test positive for COVID-19

The SpiceJet has refuted the figure, saying that the number is incorrect.

Around 0.03 percent (341 passengers) of the approximately 12.4 lakh domestic passengers who traveled between May 25 and June 15 were found to be positive for the corona virus.

The government started flight service after May 25 after a two-month curfew. Since then, 13,554 flights have been carried out in Indian airspace until June 15, as CNBC TV18 reported.

  • Around 186 IndiGo passengers were tested positively by all airlines during this period, of which 6 Lakh passengers flew with the airline.

Given the gradual opening of airspace, IndiGo now plans to operate 50% of its total daily capacity of more than 1,500 flights in July and is likely to resume international operations in the Middle East, said the airline’s CEO, Ronojoy Dutta. IndiGo currently offers around 350 flights a day.

Although airlines were permitted to function up to 30% of their capacity after May 25, several conditions imposed by state governments in the wake of the pandemic are keeping the numbers low.

  • Vistara reported 17 passengers as COVID-19 positive.
  • While 36 passengers of the state-owned Air India and its subsidiary Alliance Air were found positive.
  • As per GoAir and SpiceJet, just 15 and 60 passengers, respectively, were found positive.

However, the SpiceJet has refuted the figure, saying that the number is incorrect.

  • With regard to AirAsia India, 22 passengers later tested positive for the novel coronavirus infection,
  • And TruJet saw a total of 5 such passengers who later tested positive for COVID-19.

As per March domestic traffic data from DGCA, SpiceJet was the second largest airline with 16% market share, followed by Air India at 10.8%, GoAir at 9.9%, AirAsia India at 7.6%, Vistara at 5.9% and TruJet at 0.7%.

As per the DGCA guidelines, all passengers sitting in the middle seats receive PSA kits, and the airlines provide face protection, gloves and masks to all passengers.

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