Wizz Air Abu Dhabi Plans to Launch Flights to India

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is looking to expand its operations to the Indian subcontinent, citing high demand for low-cost travel. The airline is undergoing regulatory procedures, and once approved, plans to offer discounted fares to Pakistan and India.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the ultra-low-cost airline based in the United Arab Emirates, is in the process of obtaining regulatory approvals to begin flights to India.

According to Johan Eidhagen, the officer and managing director for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the airline is eyeing the Indian subcontinent as it has a high demand. Once the regulatory procedures are completed, the airline will announce the routes.


Expanding Operations

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, the national airline of Abu Dhabi, currently flies to 24 destinations, and its parent company operates flights from 11 locations to Abu Dhabi.

This summer, the airline will commence flights to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, and resume service to Larnaca, Santorini, and Sohag, Egypt.


The airline presently has eight aircraft in operation and plans to triple that number within a year. The airline carried 1.2 million passengers in 2017 and aims to increase it to over 2 million by 2023.

Dh179 Tickets to India

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is renowned for its ultra-low-cost airfares, with its popular discounted tickets priced at Dh179. The airline plans to offer similar massive discounts for routes to India and Pakistan as soon as it receives approval to launch operations.

To get the best deals, passengers can join the Wizz Discount Club, which provides access to year-round promotions and exclusive discounts for Club members.

According to Johan Eidhagen, officer and managing director for Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, some promotions are only available to Club members. Passengers can score even lower fares than Dh179 by subscribing to the Wizz Air newsletter, which provides information on new sales and promotions.


During promotions, there is no specific allocation of seats, and different seats can have varying prices. The best way to secure the deal is to plan early and not wait too long. Plan your travel at least 2-3 months before your preferred date of departure, as fares tend to be cheapest during this period.

Competitive Market

Johan Eidhagen acknowledged that India is a competitive market with several established players, but there is still room for growth, particularly for Wizz Air.

He believes that India would be a significant addition to the airline’s expansion plans, as most of the markets the airline is entering have a high demand for low-cost travel.

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