Why Dollywood is the Best Vacation Spot


We are often swamped in our daily lives, offices, and schools to take time out for ourselves. In the hustle of life, we forget to have some fun and enjoy ourselves. So it becomes necessary for us to take a vacation once a year. The vacation can be to any beach, lake, or mountain. Although beaches sound exciting and a good place for vacation but they cannot beat the mountains. A holiday in the mountains, surrounded by lush green trees, clean air, and a calm atmosphere, is something that clears your mind. Any hilly area with a lake and greenery is all you need to make your holiday perfect.

If you want to get away from the city and enjoy some downtime, then look nowhere else. The perfect holiday place is a mountain city, away from the hustle-bustle of the main cities. Located in Tennessee and present at the foot of Smoky Mountains is the city of Pigeon Forge. It is a place of serenity and calm, where a moment feels like a lifetime. The city of Pigeon Forge has been a tourist destination for more than 60 years. People visit the city yearly to explore the picturesque foothills of the Smoky Mountains, Great Smoky Mountain National Park and enjoy the Southern Culture of Pigeon Forge. It is a top tourist destination with beautiful sceneries, lodging, and plentiful thrilling attractions.

The main attraction of Pigeon Forge is the Dollywood theme park. Located in the Knoxville-Smoky Mountains metropolis complex in Pigeon Forge, the place is the best holiday destination. Jointly owned by entertainer Dolly Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment, it is a famous tourist attraction for people coming to Pigeon Forge.

The place caters to around 3 million tourists yearly, where families come to spend their vacation and make memories of a lifetime. The theme park is spread across 160 acres of land and has more than 50 world-class rides, high-energy entertainment, award-winning dining, and the friendliest park atmosphere in the world. Built around the Smokie Mountains, the theme park offers various rides and attractions to make the visit memorable.


The Dollywood theme park has a wide range of rides to choose from. Each ride is full of thrill and enjoyment, bound to take your breath away. The famous rides include the barnstormer, black bear trail, blazing fury, busy bees, daredevil falls, dizzy desk, and many more. The place has Chasing rainbows which is a state-of-art museum designed by Dolly Parton. The museum contains interactive and behind-the-scenes collections, stories, and memorabilia from Dolly’s life and career. An entire case in the museum contains Dolly’s many awards, including Grammy, Country Music Association, and People’s Choice Awards, as well as plaques commemorating gold and platinum records.

Dollywood Express train is another attraction famous among vacationers. The express train is an authentic 110-ton coal-fired steam engine that takes you on a breathtaking five-mile journey through the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, where you’ll enjoy pastoral scenery and some of the most beautiful views that nature has to offer. The train gives you an experience of old times when people used to travel in and out of the mountains of Pigeon Forge relied on trains like the Dollywood Express.

The Dollywood Splash Country is the top choice of people among water parks across the country. The water park has slides and splashes suitable for every age group. While sliding down the slopes or just lying on the poolside, you can enjoy the serene views and relax. Vacationers can race together on TailSpin Racer, or the families can twist and turn on Raging River Rapids together. For children, there is Little Creek Falls to drench in water and enjoy. People can also grab a tube and ride a wave in Mountain Waves, a massive wave pool.

The slides and pools are amidst the lush green trees and high mountains. Along with pools, slides, and water park faire, you can also indulge in food treats. You can eat delicious dining options, including fresh salads and wraps, hot chicken sliders, tasty taco bowls, delightful sweets, and refreshing beverages. The water park also offers prior reservations to save you from any hassle of waiting in lines. If you are looking for exclusive spaces for you and your family, opt for private waterside retreats and cozy canopies.


The Dollywood DreamMore Resort and Spa is the ultimate space to stay and unwind. Just minutes away from the fun, you can book your rooms and stay for a long holiday. The resort is tucked away in a beautiful cove in the rolling foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The Spa at Dollywood offers a complete selection of customized treatments to help you feel pampered in Southern style.

Dollywood also has HeartSong Lodge and Resort. It is a well-appointed, reimagined property that features a variety of accommodations and amenities. The reimagined lodge is designed to bring that intangible feeling to life and honor everything that makes the Smokies special. The resort also has shopping areas, a fitness center, a kid’s activity area, and a pool. There are many options for entertainment, which guarantee a fun and enjoyable getaway. The resort also has comfortable, family-style dining. On the menu, there are classic family favorites as well as regionally-inspired cuisine.

The Dollywood theme park also offers cabins to stay in the mountains. The Smoky Mountain Cabins are nestled in the mountains and a perfect place to spend your holidays. The cabins provide a perfect view of the beautiful mountains and scenery. They are set away from any noise and thus guarantee ultimate peace for you and your family. In cabins, there are incredible amnesties that will make your vacation memorable. The place has everything you want, from stunning mountain views, outdoor hot tubs, game rooms, and state-of-the-art electronics.

Final Thoughts

Dollywood Park is the perfect place in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, for you and your family to come and enjoy. It is the one-stop place from theme parks to Water Park, museums, shops, theatres, resorts, and spas. Due to its versatility, the place is the top choice of everyone in the state.


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