When Will Indian Railways Start Regular Train Services? FAQs Answered By Railway Board Chairman


When will the regular train services start operation in India? This is the question every Indian is thinking in this confusing and unsure situation. Well, Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav through a press conference on Friday has addressed the question. 

The chairman said it was just not simply possible to give a final date for the resumption of normal train services, pointing out that earnings in the passenger segment this year were down 87 percent from last year.

He further informed that, “So far, our earnings from passenger revenue are Rs 4,600 crore and by the year-end, our aim is to take our total earnings from the passenger segment to Rs 15,000 crore. In the last fiscal, our earnings from this segment were Rs 53,000 crore. This makes our earnings 87 per cent less than the last year.”

He also said that the loss in the passenger segment will be overcome from the earnings through freight, which is expected to cross last year’s figures. He said by December, the national transporter had already achieved 97 percent of last year’s loading.


Railway Board Chairman pointed out that the railways has suffered massive losses in passenger revenue due to the covid-19 suspension of train services.

He further added that even the trains that are currently in operation are witnessing around 30-40 percent occupancy on an average, reflecting that the fear of the pandemic is still there.

Yadav said the situation is being monitored closely and normal train services will be resumed “slowly” in a phased manner.

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