Virgin Atlantic Offers COVID-19 Global Insurance For All Bookings


Here is good news for Virgin Atlantic customers.

The airline is offering Covid-19 global insurance for all bookings.

So now, all Virgin Atlantic customers can book their journey with confidence this year with the introduction of free COVID-19 insurance cover on all new and existing bookings.

The policy, which applies automatically to all flights booked with Virgin Atlantic, is designed to complement existing travel insurance and provide additional peace of mind for upcoming trips, whether customers are already booked or plotting a getaway.


The policy will apply automatically to all flights booked with Virgin Atlantic.

Also, the policy is designed to complement existing travel insurance and provide extra help for upcoming trips, whether customers are already booked or planning to book a trip.

In case you or anyone else on booking gets ill with COVID-19 while traveling, Virgin Atlantic COVID-19 Cover will ensure that the associated costs are covered, regardless of how long the trip is or whether you are taking a trip visit another destination on the trip same overseas trip.

The insurance policy is covered by Allianz Assistance and covers emergency medical and related costs abroad for a total of £ 500,000 per customer – the highest value of any policy offered by an airline to date, with no overpayment required.


The policy also covers costs up to £ 3,000 if a customer is denied boarding at either departure or destination, or is required to be quarantined while traveling due to a positive or suspected COVID-19.

Key features of the COVID-19 Cover include:

  1. 24-hour emergency medical assistance
  2. £500,000 of emergency medical expenses if you are taken ill due to Coronavirus during your journey, including treatment, transport and accommodation costs
  3. Additional costs should a customer be denied boarding due to suspected or actual COVID-19, or if they are held in quarantine, including accommodation, transport charges, refreshments, booking amendment fees and other travel expenses
  4. Repatriation home, including private air ambulance where necessary
  5. No excess payable
  6. Cover for the whole trip, with no upper limit on the length of customer’s time away
  7. Cover for all passengers with no restrictions on age, travel class or length of journey
  8. Terms and conditions apply.

The cover starts from the point of booking and ends when the customer returns home or to a hospital or nursing home in their home country. One-way trips are also included, with the insurance cover valid until the end of the journey, which is defined as 12 hours after the arrival of the customer’s final flight.

Insurance policy information

  • The Allianz Assistance COVID-19 Cover insurance covers all persons named as travelling with Virgin Atlantic Airways on the booking confirmation
  • There is no excess applicable under any section the policy
  • Allianz Assistance COVID-19 Cover insurance is underwritten by AWP P&C SA and is administered in the United Kingdom by Allianz Assistance
  • COVID-19 Cover insurance does not cover everything and is not a substitute for comprehensive travel insurance

Customers booked to travel from August 24, 2020 up to and including March 31, 2021 will automatically receive the new COVID-19 Cove.

Moreover, Virgin Atlantic Holidays customers will also benefit, where the flights on their holiday booking are with Virgin Atlantic.

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