Vietjet Announced Flight Schedule To And From India


Vietjet, a Vietnamese international low-cost carrier has announced a detailed flight scheduled for its flights from Delhi and Mumbai in India to three major destinations in Vietnam namely Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Phu Quoc.

The airline has recently launched direct flight services between Mumbai and Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, and Ho Chi Minh City. According to the airline, the direct services on the Hanoi-Mumbai-Hanoi route will be operated three times per week, while flights from Mumbai to Ho Chi Minh City will be operated four times each week.

In addition to the Mumbai-Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi services, Vietjet’s direct routes between New Delhi and the aforementioned cities now operate thrice-weekly flights on each route, 

Moreover, the Mumbai-Phu Quoc service will begin operations on September 9, 2022, with four round trips per week, while the New Delhi-Phu Quoc route would begin operations with three round trips per week.


Vietjet’s direct flights between India and Vietnam are intended to make it easier for travellers to visit the country and connect to key tourist sites such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue, and other regional destinations such as Bali, Bangkok, and Singapore.

Vietjet’s India Flight Schedule

Flights Between Delhi And Ho Chi Minh City 
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ895 SGN 19:30DEL 22:5029-Apr29-Oct135
VJ896 DEL 23:50SGN 06:1029-Apr29-Oct135
VJ895 SGN 19:30DEL 22:5003-Jul29-Oct7
VJ896 DEL 23:50SGN 06:1003-Jul29-Oct7
VJ895 SGN 19:30DEL 22:5001-Sep29-Oct246
VJ896 DEL 23:50SGN 06:1001-Sep29-Oct246
Flights Between Delhi And Hanoi
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ971 HAN 18:00DEL 20:5030-Apr29-Oct246
VJ972 DEL 22:50HAN 04:4530-Apr29-Oct246
VJ971 HAN 18:00DEL 20:5010-Jul29-Oct7
VJ972 DEL 22:50HAN 04:4510-Jul29-Oct7
VJ971 HAN 18:00DEL 20:5002-Sep29-Oct135
VJ972 DEL 22:50HAN 04:4502-Sep29-Oct135
Flights Between Delhi And Phu Quoc
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ833 PQC 18:20DEL 21:3009-Sep29-Oct357
VJ832 DEL 22:50PQC 05:1509-Sep29-Oct357
Flights Between Mumbai And Ho Chi Minh City 
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ883 SGN 20:50BOM 00:2002-Jun30-Jun2467
VJ884 BOM 01:25SGN 08:1503-Jun01-Jul1357
VJ883 SGN 18:25BOM 22:3002-Jul29-Oct2467
VJ884 BOM 23:30SGN 06:0502-Jul29-Oct2467
VJ883 SGN 18:25BOM 22:3007-Sep26-Oct3
VJ884 BOM 23:30SGN 06:0507-Sep26-Oct3
Flights Between Mumbai And Hanoi
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ907 HAN 21:10BOM 00:2003-Jun29-Oct135
VJ910 BOM 01:25HAN 07:4504-Jun29-Oct246
VJ907 HAN 21:10BOM 00:2008-Sep29-Oct46
VJ910 BOM 01:25HAN 07:4509-Sep29-Oct57
Flights Between Delhi And Phu Quoc
Flight NoDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. TimeFromToFreq.
VJ957 PQC 21:00BOM 00:2008-Sep28-Oct2467
VJ956 BOM 01:25PQC 08:0509-Sep29-Oct1357

Zero-fare Tickets

Vietjet has also announced that it has launched an exclusive sale that would give millions of Zero-Fare Tickets throughout its entire international travel network, including six routes from India to Vietnam.

The airline will offer 19,999 super-saver tickets starting at USD 0 on all flights between Vietnam and India between July 1 and December 31, 2022. Daily promotional tickets are available from 10:30 a.m. on April 7 to 10:30 p.m. on June 9, 2022.

Vietjet Air Joins BSP India

Vietjet Air has also announced that it has cut over to BSP (Billing and Settlement Plan) with immediate effect. Now travel agents can sell the Vietjet’s tickets through the convenience of GDS. The airline is now available on Galileo and Amadeus.


Travel Agents/Companies can contact the airline for ticketing authorization and to take stock of VJ (978).

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