VFS Global Starts Accepting Applications For Netherlands Visa In India


The VFS Global on Thursday in social media post informed that it has started accepting applications for Netherlands Visa for selected categories in India. At present, Visa applications are only accepted in New Delhi, Mumbai Chennai & Bangalore.

“Please be informed the Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands, New Delhi has restarted accepting applications for few categories. If you wish to apply under any of these categories, please book an appointment for submissions,” said VFS Global on its website.

Who can apply for Netherlands Visa?

  • Third-country nationals who are family members of Dutch citizens – irrespective of whether they live in the Netherlands or not.
  • Third-country nationals who are in a so-called Long-Distance Relationship (LDR) with a Dutch/EU/EEA national living in the Netherlands.
  • “Return visa”: applicants with an expired or lost residence permit for the Netherlands who need an entry visa to re-enter the Netherlands.
  • Airport Transit Visa.
  • Seafarers in possession of a seaman’s book.
  • Grandparents visiting their newborn grandchild in the Netherlands.
  • Divorced parent from a third country visiting his/her child up to the age of 18.
  • Healthcare personnel, border workers, personnel of international and humanitarian organizations.
  • Persons who have imperative reasons to visit their families; these are journeys in exceptional cases. An exceptional case is visiting a seriously or terminally ill family member and attending a funeral.
  • To attend the birth of a child. This exemption category is only meant for the father, the child must be acknowledged by the father and the pregnancy must be >34 weeks. This must be documented.
  • Pre-selected top athletes.
  • Pre-selected journalists.
  • CARIBBEAN VISA – Except for adult entertainers, any application, regardless of travel purpose, can be accepted.

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