VFS Global Resumes New Appointments For Denmark Visa


The Danish Embassy in New Delhi notified that VFS Global has started accepting new visa appointments for Denmark Visa, which had been temporarily halted since July 1st.

However, walk-ins through the Red Carpet Program will remain suspended till further notice.

It is worth mentioning that the Embassy of Denmark in New Delhi has temporarily suspended all new appointments at VFS due to a shortage of staff, absence and, an unexpected surge in the number of applicants.

Now, the Denmark Embassy in an official update said;


“From today, the Embassy of Denmark in New Delhi reopens for new appointments at VFS. Consequently, it is again possible to book an appointment at VFS to hand in short-stay visa applications. Please note that Red Carpet Program walk-in continues to be suspended.”

Unfortunately, the capacity at the Embassy is still limited and the number of appointments at VFS will be restricted, for now, the embassy further added.

Please keep in mind that the existing capacity limitations imposed on short-stay visas have no effect on the long-term resident permit regime, including work permits.

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