VFS Global Exposes Visa Fraud: Forged Documents Uncovered in Delhi Center

A group of seven applicants attempting to secure visas to Italy using forged documents was apprehended at VFS Global's Visa Application Center in Delhi, India. The incident sheds light on the prevalence of fraudulent operators and prompts VFS Global to reinforce its commitment to combatting visa fraud and protecting applicants.

A group of seven applicants attempting to secure visas to Italy through deceitful means were apprehended at the Visa Application Center (VAC) operated by VFS Global in Delhi, India. These applicants had resorted to using forged documents in their visa applications, a serious offence that compromises the integrity of the visa process.

Forged Documents Traced Back to Unscrupulous Agents

Investigations revealed that the applicants had acquired the counterfeit documents from two agents based in Delhi. These agents, operating on the fringes of the law, allegedly charged exorbitant fees ranging from INR 30,000 to 55,000 in exchange for providing forged documents.

Such unscrupulous operators play a significant role in perpetuating visa fraud, preying on unsuspecting individuals who seek legitimate travel opportunities.

VFS Global’s Vigilance and Zero-Tolerance Policy

VFS Global, a leading provider of visa issuance and technology services worldwide, maintains a strict zero-tolerance policy against visa fraud. In alignment with this commitment, the security personnel at the VAC promptly detected the forged visa appointment papers presented by the applicants.


Notably, these fraudulent documents were cleverly created to mimic the official logo of VFS Global, underscoring the need for increased vigilance in the visa application process.

COO’s Perspective: Urging Applicants to Remain Cautious

Prabuddha Sen, Chief Operating Officer – South Asia at VFS Global, emphasized the significance of being cautious and making informed decisions while engaging with visa agents and intermediaries.

Sen emphasized that this incident served as a stark reminder of the presence of unauthorized operators who attempt to deceive applicants through fake appointments and documents.

Sen further highlighted that VFS Global always prioritizes the security and welfare of its customers. The company offers a fair and transparent appointment system, available online on a first-come, first-served basis and free of charge.


He advised visa applicants to apply for visas well in advance to minimize the risk of falling victim to fraudulent operators, especially considering the current surge in outbound travel demand from India.

Commitment to Combat Visa Fraud and Fraudulent Entities

VFS Global stands firmly against fraudulent third-party entities that take advantage of unsuspecting travellers. The company remains committed to cooperating with law enforcement authorities to mitigate such cases effectively.

Furthermore, VFS Global urges all visa applicants to exercise caution and be wary of fraudulent entities charging fees for services under the guise of VFS Global.

It may be noted here that with its extensive global presence, VFS Global serves the interests of 67 client governments across 145 countries, providing administrative and non-judicial tasks related to visa, passport, and consular services.


Over the years, the company has successfully processed more than 261 million applications and recorded over 119.09 million biometric registrations, underscoring its reputation as a trusted global service provider.

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