Visa Update: VFS Global Cancels All Appointments of Indian Visa Customers In Canberra, Australia


VFS Global, an outsourcing and technology services company on Wednesday issued an update for its Indian Visa customers in Canberra, Australia, and said that it has canceled all appointments from 14 Jan 2022.

The decision comes after a Sharpe surge in Covid-19 cases in Australia.

However, the VFS has still accepted the Visa application for India through the postal applications. The address for applying for Indian Visa through postal applications will be VFS Global, Canberra PO Box 936, Civic Square, ACT 2608.

“We have temporarily suspended operations at our India Passport & Visa Services Centre in Canberra from 14 Jan 2022 until further notice, owing to COVID-19 positive cases. All appointments that have been booked effective this date stand cancelled and only postal applications will be accepted for processing.”


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How To Apply Visa By Post?

Once you are ready to apply, you can fill the visa application form online, complete it and print the complete form.

Once your application is complete, refer to the IPVSC location where you should send your applications through Express Post/courier

  • Applications must be sent to the P.O. Box address for your jurisdiction only, as listed below.
  • All applications received through post/courier will be returned by secure post, as per approved charges. Self-addressed envelopes will be returned.

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