VBM Phase 7: Air India Express Open Bookings For Singapore, Check Flight Schedule


Low-cost carrier Air India Express on Sunday in a tweet said that it has open the bookings for flights between India and Singapore under Phase 7 of the Vande Bharat Mission.

The airline on 24th September has announced the schedule of flights under the Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7 and Air Bubble; As per the schedule posted by Air India Express, it will operate a total of 32 flights between India and Singapore starts from 1st October 2020.

The flights will connect Singapore to India’s Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kochi, Madurai, Trichy and Vijayawada.

Here is the full schedule of Air India Express flights to/from Singapore under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7.

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7 Air India Express Flights From Singapore to India
Flight NoDateDepartureDept TimeArrivalArrv Time
IX 16871-Oct-20Singapore22:00Chennai23:45
IX 16811-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 19871-Oct-20Singapore15:25Vijayawada17:20
IX 19871-Oct-20Vijayawada18:05Hyderabad19:05
IX 16812-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16813-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16814-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16815-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16875-Oct-20Singapore15:25Madurai17:15
IX 16875-Oct-20Madurai18:00Chennai19:00
IX 16816-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16817-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 14858-Oct-20Singapore15:25Bengaluru17:20
IX 14858-Oct-20Bengaluru18:05Kochi19:05
IX 16818-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 16819-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168110-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168111-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168112-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168712-Oct-20Singapore22:00Chennai23:45
IX 168113-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168114-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 198715-Oct-20Singapore15:25Vijayawada17:20
IX 198715-Oct-20Vijayawada18:05Hyderabad19:05
IX 168115-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168116-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168117-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168118-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168119-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168719-Oct-20Singapore15:25Madurai17:15
IX 168719-Oct-20Madurai18:00Chennai19:00
IX 168120-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168121-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 148522-Oct-20Singapore15:25Bengaluru17:20
IX 148522-Oct-20Bengaluru18:05Kochi19:05
IX 168122-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168123-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168124-Oct-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45

Criteria for Availing Special Repatriation Flights

  1. Stranded Indian Nationals at Singapore, desirous of availing special flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in/registrationform are advised to do so at the earliest.
  2. Foreign Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore, desirous of availing special flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in/OCIFRNstrandedreg are advised to do so at the earliest.
  3. Registration on these links is mandatory for Indian Nationals as well as Foreign Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore to be eligible for availing special repatriation flights to India. This provides all necessary data to State Governments of destination airports for arrangements on arrival.

We suggest all the passengers to check the latest updates from this link before travel.

For more details on flights booking and eligibility please visit this link

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 7 Air India Express Flights From India to Singapore
Flight NoDateDepartureDept TimeArrivalArrv Time
IX 16881-Oct-20Chennai14:05Singapore21:00
IX 16821-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 19881-Oct-20Hyderabad07:30Singapore14:25
IX 16822-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16823-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16824-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16825-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16885-Oct-20Chennai07:30Singapore14:25
IX 16826-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16827-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 14848-Oct-20Kochi07:20Singapore14:25
IX 16828-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 16829-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168210-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168211-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168212-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168812-Oct-20Chennai14:05Singapore21:00
IX 168213-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168214-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 198815-Oct-20Hyderabad07:30Singapore14:25
IX 168215-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168216-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168217-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168218-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168219-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168819-Oct-20Chennai07:30Singapore14:25
IX 168220-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168221-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 148422-Oct-20Kochi07:20Singapore14:25
IX 168222-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168223-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00
IX 168224-Oct-20Trichy11:05Singapore18:00

Bookings of all the above-mentioned flights have opened and can be done from the Air India Express website, Booking Offices, Call Centre & Authorized Travel Agents.

Certain categories of Indian nationals are permitted to enter Singapore. Details are available on the link https://www.ica.gov.sg/covid-19

Passengers traveling to Singapore are required to have a valid Negative COVID-19 PCR Test report taken within 72 hours of departure. The requirement for a negative COVID-19 PCR test memo applies to Diplomatic and Official Passport holders also.

There is no requirement for a negative PCR test memo for aircrew, Singaporean Citizens, Permanent Residents, and travelers aged 12 and below.


The PCR test memo must be in English from a laboratory that is internationally accredited or recognized by the Indian authorities. The test memo must meet the following requirements:

  • the test result.
  • the date that the test was taken (sample/ swab collection must be within the approved window of 72 hours.) and
  • the name, date of birth, nationality, and passport number of the passenger as indicated in his/her passport.

For individuals who have recovered from COVID-19, they will be permitted entry even with a positive PCR test result, if they can show proof of their 1st PCR-positive test between 22 and 180 days before departure.

Visit www.moh.gov.sg/covid-19 for more details about the requirements of travel.

Passengers may check the Embassy’s website or Facebook regularly for new updates on the requirements.


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