Vande Bharat Mission: Revised Flight schedule From Doha, Qatar


The Vande Bharat Mission Phase 3 has started and it seems like the government of India is now adding more flights in phase 3 to repatriate Indians stranded abroad.

After allowing low-cost airlines like IndiGo and GoAir to operate repatriation flights from Saudi Arabia, India is now added more flights from Doha, Qatar.

As per the previous flight schedule of Air India Express, a total of 21 flights schedule between 09 June and 23 June from Doha to various cities in India.

Now 9 more flights has been added to and the schedule is now extended till June 30.


Here is full schedule of repatriation flights from Doha, Qatar to India

Vande Bharat Mission Revised Flight schedule for Doha, Qatar

Flight No.FromETDToETAState
IX1774Doha09-June-2020 14:15Kannur09-June-2020 21:00Kerala
IX1374Doha10-June-202015:35Kozhikode10-June-2020 22:20Kerala
IX1676Doha11-June-202016:35Trichy11-June-2020 23:50Tamil Nadu
1X1476Doha12-June-2020 15:05Kochi12-June-2020 22:00Kerala
IX1176Doha12-June-2020 10:55Delhi12-June-2020 17:25Delhi
1X1774Doha13-June-2020 16:10Kannur13-June-2020 23:00Kerala
IX1576Doha13-June-202013:55Thiruvananthpuram13-June-2020 21:05Kerala
IX1774Doha14-June-2020 14:45Kannur14-June-2020 21:30Kerala
IX1476Doha14-June-202010:05Kochi14-June-2020 17:00Kerala
1X1128Doha14-June-2020 12:40Lucknow14-June-2020 19:15UP
IX1244Doha15-June-2020 11:00Mumbai15-June-2020 17:10Maharastra
1X1374Doha15-June-2020 13:05Kozhikode15-June-202019:50Kerala
1X1374Doha18-June-202013:50Kozhikode18-June-2020 20:35Kerala
A11969Doha18-June-2020 12:45Bhubaneswar Ma Delhi19-June-2020 0:45Odisha
IX1576Doha19-June-202014:55Thiruvananthpuram19-June-2020 21:50Kerala
6E 9789Doha19-June-2020 9:25Amritsar/Srinagar19-June-2020 17:25Jammu and Kashmir
6E 9435Doha20-June-2020 11:25Ahmedabad20-June-2020 17:20Gujarat
6E 9439Doha20-June-2020 9:25Kolkata/Bhubaneshwar20-June-2020 18:55West Bangal
IX1476Doha20-June-2020 16:15Kochi20-June-2020 23:10Tamil Nadu
1X1676Doha21-June-2020 12:05Madurai21-June-2020 19:05Tamil Nadu
IX1374Doha23-June-2020 11:05Coimbatore23-June-2020 18:00Tamil Nadu
IX1476Doha24-June-2020 15:05Kochi24-June-2020 22:00Kerala
IX1576Doha26-June-2020 11:30Thiruvananthpuram26-June-2020 18:30Kerala
IX1576Doha27-June-2020 14:20Thiruvananthpuram27-June-2020 21:20Kerala
IX1773Doha29-June-2020 11:55Kannur29-June-2020 18:40Kerala
IX1373Doha30-June-2020 11:50Kozhikode30-June-2020 18:35Kerala

All the flights will be operated by Air India Express.

The low-cost carrier will operate a total of 153 flights between 09 June and 30 June 2020, from foreign destinations to India, which includes flights from Abu Dhabi (14), Bahrain (14), Doha (20), Dubai (10), Kuala Lumpur (11), Kuwait (6), Muscat (13), Singapore (17) – This also includes ferry flights to various cities in India.

Air India Express Phase 3 Schedule


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