Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Schedule of Flights From Singapore


The embassy of India in Singapore on Saturday announced a schedule of Flights From Singapore to India under the phase 6 of Vande Bharat Mission.

As per the schedule posted, Air India and Air India Express will operate a total of 37 flights between staring from 1st Sep to 30th Sep 2020.

out of these 37 flights, 4 will be operated by the national carrier Air India and rest 33 will be operated by its wholly-owned subsidiary Air India Express.

Here is the full schedule of flights from Singapore to India under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6.


Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Flights Schedule – Singapore

Flight No.DateDepartureDep TimeArrivalArrv Time
AI 136501-Sep-20Singapore15:30Kolkata17:00
AI 136501-Sep-20Kolkata17:50Delhi20:05
AI 034303-Sep-20Singapore23:30Mumbai02:15
AI 034304-Sep-20Mumbai04:05Ahmedabad05:30
IX 148301-Sep-20Singapore15:35Bengaluru17:30
IX 168102-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168103-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168104-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168105-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168106-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168107-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168108-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168709-Sep-20Singapore15:25Chennai17:10
IX 168109-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 198711-Sep-20Singapore15:25Vijayawada17:20
IX 168111-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168112-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168213-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168114-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168115-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168716-Sep-20Singapore15:25Madurai17:15
IX 148317-Sep-20Singapore15:35Bengaluru17:30
IX 168118-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168119-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168120-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168121-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168122-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168123-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168124-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168725-Sep-20Singapore15:25Chennai17:10
IX 168125-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 198727-Sep-20Singapore15:25Vijayawada17:20
IX 168127-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168128-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168229-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
IX 168130-Sep-20Singapore19:00Trichy20:45
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 Flights Schedule Singapore to India

Please Note: Flight schedule remain subject to change based on capacities/conditions at destination airport , relevant approvals and process followed by airlines.

Also note that registration on HCI Website as well as on MEA website is mandatory for travel.

Criteria for Availing Special Repatriation Flights

  1. Indian Nationals at Singapore, desirous of availing special flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on are advised to do so at the earliest.
  2. Foreign Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore, desirous of availing special
    flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on are advised to do so at the earliest.
  3. Registration on these links is mandatory for Indian Nationals as well as Foreign
    Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore to be eligible for availing special
    repatriation flights to India. Passengers not registered with HCI Singapore, will not be
    permitted to board the flights even with a valid ticket.

Check Complete Guidelines

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