VBM Phase 6: India Announced Additional Flights From Saudi Arabia


The Government of India on Sept. 11, has announced additional flights from Saudi Arabia to India under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6, which will start from September 11 to 29 2020, tweeted Embassy Of India in Riyadh.

The flight operations will be carried out by India’s national carrier, Air India, and its subsidiary Air India Express.

The flights will be operating from Saudi Arabia’s Dammam, Riyadh, and Jeddah Airports to India’s Trivandrum, Kochi, Kozhikode, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kannur, Trichy, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Madurai, Bangalore, and Varanasi.

Flight schedule of the the additional flights will be as below:

S. NoDep DateFlight No.DepartureDestination (s)Airline
111-Sep-20IX 1886DammamTrivandrumAir India Express
212-Sep-20IX 1432RiyadhKochiAir India Express
313-Sep-20IX 1332RiyadhKozhikodeAir India Express
413-Sep-20IX 1584DammamTrivandrumAir India Express
513-Sep-20IX 1684DammamChennaiAir India Express
614-Sep-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – MumbaiAir India
714-Sep-20Al 1966JeddahHyderabad -MumbaiAir India
814-Sep-20IX 1784DammamKannurAir India Express
914-Sep-20IX 1686DammamTrichyAir India Express
1014-Sep-20IX 1984DammamHyderabadAir India Express
1114-Sep-20IX 1632RiyadhChennaiAir India Express
1215-Sep-20Al 1920DammamAhmedabad – MumbaiAir India
1315-Sep-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – LucknowAir India
1415-Sep-20IX 1332RiyadhKozhikodeAir India Express
1516-Sep-20Al 1922DammamMadurai -BangaloreAir India
1616-Sep-20IX 1932RiyadhHyderabadAir India Express
1716-Sep-20IX 1482DammamKochiAir India Express
1817-Sep-20Al 1914DammamVaranasi -DelhiAir India
1917-Sep-20IX 1382DammamKozhikodeAir India Express
2017-Sep-20IX 1732RiyadhKannurAir India Express
2117-Sep-20IX 1632RiyadhChennaiAir India Express
2218-Sep-20Al 1916DammamKannur – MumbaiAir India
2319-Sep-20Al 1918DammamTrivandrum – MumbaiAir India
2419-Sep-20Al 1992JeddahDelhiAir India
2519-Sep-20IX 1684DammamChennaiAir India Express
2619-Sep-20IX 1532RiyadhTrivandrumAir India Express
2719-Sep-20IX 1984DammamHyderabadAir India Express
2820-Sep-20Al 1922DammamMangalore – BangaloreAir India
2920-Sep-20IX 1432RiyadhKochiAir India Express
3021-Sep-20Al 1966JeddahHyderabad -MumbaiAir India
3121-Sep-20Al 1926RiyadhDelhiAir India
3222-Sep-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi – LucknowAir India
3322-Sep-20IX 1332RiyadhKozhikodeAir India Express
3423-Sep-20A11926RiyadhLucknow – DelhiAir India
3525-Sep-20IX 1732RiyadhKannurAir India Express
3628-Sep-20Al 1966JeddahHyderabad – MumbaiAir India
3729-Sep-20Al 1992JeddahDelhi -LucknowAir India
3829-Sep-20IX 1784DammamKannurAir India Express

Indian nationals who wish to travel on these flights and have registered at the embassy portal (https://www.eoiriyadh.gov.ininews_detail/?newsid=31) may directly approach the offices of the airline to purchase tickets on first come first serve basis.

Booking of these flights can be done through Air India/Air India Express offices in Riyadh, Al Khobar, and Jeddah.

Air India/Air India Express Offices for Bookings

  • RiyadhAir India office
    • Kanoo Tower, 8641 Nasr Ibn Saym Al WOW, Riyadh 12622
  • Al Khobar – Air India office
    • Airline Centre, King Khaid Street Between Silver Tower & SABB Building, Al Khobar
  • Jeddah – Air India office
    • Kilo-7, Madinah Rd, Kanoo Centre, Jeddah

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