VBM Phase 6: Air India Express Flights Schedule For Singapore, Bookings Open


Air India Express on Monday, Aug 24, announced that the airline will be operating 44 flights between India and Singapore starting from September 1, as a part of Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6.

The flights will connect Singapore to Trichy, Chennai, Vijayawada, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kochi & Madurai. The flights will be operations from Sep 1 to Sep 19, 2020.


Here is the full schedule of Air India Express Flights From India to Singapore under Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 : Flights Schedule For Singapore

S. No.Flight No.DateDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
1IX 14841-Sep-20Cochin07:30Singapore14:35
2IX 14831-Sep-70Singapore15:35Bangalore17:30
3IX 14831-Sep-20Bengaluru18:15Cochin19:15
4IX 16822-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
5IX 16812-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
6IX 16823-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
7IX 16813-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
8IX 16824-Sep-70Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
9IX 16814-Sep-70Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
10IX 16825-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
11IX 16815-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
12IX 16826-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
13IX 16816-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
14IX 16827-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
15IX 16817-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
16IX 16828-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
17IX 16818-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
18IX 16829-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
19IX 16819-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
20IX 16889-Sep-20Chennai07:30Singapore14:25
21IX 16879-Sep-20Singapore15:25Chennai17:10
22IX 198811-Sep-20Hyderabad07:30Singapore14:25
23IX 198711-Sep-20Singapore15:25Vijayawada17:20
24IX 198711-Sep-20Vijayawada18:20Hyderabad19:10
25IX 168211-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
26IX 168111-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
27IX 168212-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
28IX 168112-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
29IX 168113-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
30IX 168213-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
31IX 168214-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
32IX 168114-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
33IX 168215-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
34IX 168115-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
35IX 168816-Sep-20Chennai07:30Singapore14:25
36IX 168716-Sep-20Singapore15:25Madurai17:15
37IX 168716-Sep-20Madurai18:00Chennai19:00
38IX 148417-Sep-20Cochin07:30Singapore14:35
39IX 140317-Sep-20Singapore15:35Bangalore17:30
40IX 148317-Sep-20Bengaluru18:15Cochin19:15
41IX 168218-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
42IX 168118-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
43IX 168219-Sep-20Tiruchirappalli11:05Singapore18:00
44IX 168119-Sep-20Singapore19:00Tiruchirappalli20:45
Vande Bharat Mission Phase 6 : Flights Schedule For Singapore

Booking of these flights are open and tickets can be booked on Air India Express website.


Criteria for Availing Special Repatriation Flights

  1. Stranded Indian Nationals at Singapore, desirous of availing special flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in/registrationform are advised to do so at the earliest.
  2. Foreign Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore, desirous of availing special flights to India at own expense and have not yet registered on https://www.hcisingapore.gov.in/OCIFRNstrandedreg are advised to do so at the earliest.
  3. Registration on these links is mandatory for Indian Nationals as well as Foreign Nationals (including OCI Card Holders) at Singapore to be eligible for availing special repatriation flights to India. This provides all necessary data to State Governments of destination airports for arrangements on arrival.

For more details on flights booking and eligibility please visit this link

Air India Express also announced today that it will operate flights from Muscat, Oman to various Indian destinations such as Chennai, Lucknow, Kannur, Mumbai, Kochi, Trivandrum, Delhi, Calicut, Bengaluru, Mangalore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Tiruchirapalli between 1st September and 15th September 2020. You can check the schedule for Muscat, Oman, here.

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