Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5 To Starts From August 1, Air India To Announce Additional Flights


National carrier Air India on Friday in a Twitter post announced that the airline will launch Phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission from 1st Aug 2020.

The airline further said that it will be ramping up its number of flights in the upcoming phase and they will announce all the details and flight schedule shortly.

In phase 5 of Vande Bharat Mission more international destinations will open up. Also in Phase 5 more private airlines will also be operating as they have been of the ongoing phase 4.

MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava on Friday said “In phase 4 of Vande Bharat Mission, 1197 flights have been scheduled so far, including 945 international flights & 252 feeder flights.”

“These flights are operated by Air India group, IndiGo, SpiceJet & GoAir. They covered 29 countries. They’ll be reaching 34 airports in India,”

Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5: Air India Flights Schedule

Also, As of July 22, under the Vande Bharat Mission a total of 7,88, 217 Indian Nationals have returned and this includes 1,03,976 Indians who have returned from Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh through land borders


The government of India started Vande Bharat Mission on May 7 to evacuate Indians stuck in foreign countries due to the suspension of flights owing to coronavirus pandemic. The mission is in its fourth phase now.

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