Vande Bharat Mission Phase 5: Air India Flights Schedule For US and Europe


Indian national carrier Air India has released the Flight schedule for US and Europe. The schedule will be effective from 1st Aug 20 to 31st Aug 20.

Flights’ tickets can be booked through the official site of the airline.

But note that all Domestic Flights mentioned in the schedule below are meant for International connecting passengers departing and arriving on the Air India Evacuation flights.

Air India Evacuation schedule flights ex India to US and Europe

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFrequencyDepartureDep. TimeArrivalArr. Time
Al 10301-Aug-2030-Aug-20..WED.FRI.SUNDELHI01:15WASHINGTON DC07:05
Al 019101-Aug-2029-Aug-20.TUE.THU.SATMUMBAI01:30NEWARK07:55
Al 010101-Aug-2030-Aug-20..WED.FRI.SUNDELHI02:05NEW YORK07:55
Al 012701-Aug-2029-Aug-20.TUE.THU.SAT.DELHI02:20CHICAGO07:25
Al 017301-Aug-2030-Aug-20..WED.FRI.SUNDELHI03:30SAN FRANCISCO07:00
Al 012101-Aug-2031-Aug-20MON/TUE/THU/SATDELHI13:35FRANKFURT18:40
Al 014301-Aug-2030-Aug-20WED/FRI/SUNDELHI13:15PARIS18:55

Air India Evacuation schedule flights ex US and Europe to India

Flight No.Start DateEnd DateFrequencyDepartureDep TimeArrivalArr. Time
Al 10401-Aug-2030-Aug-20.WED.FRI.SUNWASHINGTON DC11:15DELHI11:00
Al 014401-Aug-2029-Aug-20.TUE.THU.SATNEWARK12:05MUMBAI12:25
Al 010201-Aug-2030-Aug-20..WED.FRI.SUNNEW YORK12:30DELHI12:00
Al 012601-Aug-2030-Aug-20.TUE.THU.SAT.CHICAGO12:00DELHI13:05
Al 017401-Aug-2030-Aug-20..WED.FRI.SUNSAN FRANCISCO10:30DELHI15:00
Al 012001-Aug-2030-Aug-20MON/TUE/THU/SATFRANKFURT21:15DELHI08:30
Al 014201-Aug-2030-Aug-20WED/FRI/SUNPARIS22:00DELHI09

Note – Given the extraordinary situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedules are subject to change at short notice. Kindly visit Air India website for more details.


And, please Wear Mask. Follow Social Distancing. Stay Healthy. Stay Safe.

Have a safe Journey!

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