US Mission in India Hits Milestone with Half a Million Visa Applications Processed

The United States mission in India has successfully processed half a million visa applications, reaching the halfway mark towards their target of one million. Efforts to strengthen ties between the US and India are highlighted, along with new visa initiatives and a focus on student visas.

The US embassy in India has achieved an important milestone by successfully processing half a million visa applications, marking the halfway point towards its ambitious goal of one million visa applications. This achievement highlights the joint efforts between the United States and India to strengthen the connections between the people of both nations.

Hugo Rodriguez, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, made the announcement while expressing gratitude to the dedicated consular employees in major Indian cities.

US Acknowledges Consular Team’s Efforts

In a video shared by the US Consulate in Hyderabad on their official Twitter handle, Hugo Rodriguez commended the hard work and dedication of the consular teams located in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata.

“Mission India has now processed HALF A MILLION visas, halfway to our “Mission to 1 Million” goal. Join us on our Mission to a Million!” said the US Consulate in a Tweet.


He emphasized their unwavering commitment to processing visa applications, highlighting their collective objective of reaching the ambitious one million application mark by the end of the year.

New Visa Initiatives to Expedite Process

Recognising a growing need for visas, the United States recently announced new visa initiatives aimed primarily at making the visa application process more fast and simplified for Indian applicants.

Special interviews for first-time applicants and the strengthening of immigration workers across the country are among the steps aimed at reducing wait times and expediting the overall visa procedure.


The implementation of these measures signifies the US mission’s commitment to enhancing the experience of Indian visa applicants, ensuring a smoother and more convenient process.

Focus on Student Visas

Among the various visa categories, the student visa segment constitutes a significant portion of visa applications from India. In line with this, the US Consulate in Hyderabad recently unveiled the schedule for student visa appointments for the upcoming season.

They announced that the first batch of appointments would be available in mid-May, with additional appointments set to be released later during the season.

During the fiscal year 2022, the US embassy and consulates in India granted nearly 125,000 student visas. This remarkable statistic reflects the United States’ reputation as an attractive destination for Indian students seeking quality education and diverse opportunities.


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