US Embassy Rejects Allegations of Ambassador’s Negative Remark on US-India Relation

Explore the US Embassy in India's strong denial of Ambassador Eric Garcetti's reported comments regarding US-India relations amid the India-Canada diplomatic dispute. Discover the latest developments and Ambassador Garcetti's dedication to strengthening bilateral ties.

The US Embassy in India has firmly denied reports regarding Ambassador Eric Garcetti’s alleged remarks on the state of US-India relations in light of India’s diplomatic dispute with Canada.

The embassy has emphasized Ambassador Garcetti’s dedication to enhancing ties between the United States and India.

Reports and Denial

Earlier this week, a Politico report claimed that Ambassador Eric Garcetti expressed concerns to his team in India, suggesting that relations between the two nations “could get worse for a time” amid India’s ongoing diplomatic tensions with Canada.

However, the US embassy swiftly rejected these claims in an official statement, asserting that Ambassador Garcetti is tirelessly working to strengthen the partnership between the governments and people of both countries.


The statement read, “The US embassy dismisses these reports. Ambassador Garcetti is working hard every day to deepen the partnership between the people and governments of the United States and India.”

Furthermore, the embassy underlined the active involvement of Ambassador Garcetti and the US Mission to India in advancing the vital and strategic partnership between the two nations, emphasizing their commitment to this consequential relationship.

India-Canada Diplomatic Row

The diplomatic relations between India and Canada have been under strain in recent months due to India’s concerns regarding increased activities and threats posed by pro-Khalistani elements within Canada.

The situation escalated when Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made allegations against India in the Canadian parliament, further straining ties.


India promptly rejected these allegations as “absurd” and “motivated.” In response, India expelled a senior Canadian diplomat in a tit-for-tat move following Ottawa’s expulsion of an Indian official.

On September 21, 2023, India requested Canada to reduce its diplomatic presence in the country as relations between the two nations reached an unprecedented low point. India also temporarily suspended the issuance of visas to Canadian citizens in response to the deteriorating diplomatic situation.

This diplomatic tension follows the designation of a pro-Khalistani activist, Nijjar, as a terrorist by India in 2020. Nijjar was tragically killed by two masked gunmen in British Columbia on June 18, 2023.


In summary, the US Embassy in India has unequivocally rejected reports of Ambassador Garcetti’s alleged remarks about the state of US-India relations.


The embassy’s statement underscores Ambassador Garcetti’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the partnership between the United States and India. At the same time, the diplomatic dispute between India and Canada continues to evolve in a complex geopolitical context.

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