US Announces $150 Million For H-1B One Workforce Training Programme


The United States on Thursday, Sept. 24, announced $150 million (over 1,100 rupees) to invest in training medium to high-skilled H-1B jobs in key sectors of the American economy.

Among these sectors, information technology, cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing and transportation are of paramount importance, with the H-1B One Workforce Grant program being used to train the current workforce and train a new generation of workers to support the future workforce, the Department of Labor, to expand said.

In a statement, DOL stated that the “Scholarship holders would employ training to equip individuals in their communities with the skills needed to advance career paths to employment in medium to high-skilled H-1B occupations in key industries.”

This would mean training young students to apply for jobs that are otherwise seen as roles for which companies involve people with an H-1B visa from outside the country.


Tech companies have often cited the lack of appropriate local talent for their reliance on the H-1B visa program and for hiring outside technicians, mostly from India.

This program would help train young students and local job seekers to qualify for this training.

“The US Department of Labor urges communities to think as a ‘one workforce’,” said John Pallasch, assistant secretary for employment and training.

“In the current work environment, it is important that local organizations work as a unit and not as independent parts of a process. Our goal is to create seamless community partnerships to create career paths for local job seekers looking to enter mid- to high-skilled occupations in cybersecurity, advanced manufacturing and transportation.


The grants would be made available to four types of organizations – corporations and nonprofits such as industry and trade associations, education and training providers, including community colleges, institutions involved in the management of the public personnel system under the Worker Innovation and Opportunity Act , and Economic Development Agencies should be over 17 years of age and not enrolled in a local secondary school education agency. This includes the unemployed and the underemployed.

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