Updated Guidelines For Travel To Sri Lanka


Amid the scare of the new Omicron variant of Covid-19, the Govt of Sri Lanka has announced updated guidelines for passengers arriving in the country.

The new guidelines will be applicable to all passengers (except Sri Lankans and Dual Citizens).

Sri Lanka – New Guidelines For Travel

As per the new guidelines, arriving in Sri Lanka must have an appropriate “Valid Visa” which has been issued by the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka prior to their departure.

As per the directive from the Department of Immigration & emigration, it is advisable to obtain the Online ETA by the Tourists prior to their arrival to avoid unnecessary delays at the airport.

  • On Arrival ETA service can be obtained by the fully vaccinated Tourists only.
  • Pre-Departure Negative COVID-19 Test Report to be done by Travellers into Sri Lanka .
    (Boarding will not be allowed unless complied with)
    • Applicable to all travellers into Sri Lanka of 12 years and above in age
    • The PCR Test Result (Negative) shall be in English or a Certified Translation of the Document/Test Report with the Original.
    • All Travellers shall have a PCR Test done within 72hrs prior to departure
    • Travellers with a history of Covid-19 infection with a verifiable Report (diagnosis card or verifiable evidence or positive PCR/Rapid Antigen Test) during the past 03 months may submit a negative COVID-19 rapid Antigen Test Report(in English) done within 48 hrs. prior to their departure flight.
  • Fully vaccinated travellers will be authorized to land in Sri Lanka after 14 days of the final vaccine. On arrival should produce the original copy of the vaccination certificate along with a certified copy of English language translation.
  • Unvaccinated Children (below 18 years of age): Children of Tourists or Foreign National Parents: (i) Travellers (Age 12 to 18) to obtain a PCR Test on Day 01/Arrival from:
    • (a) The Ministry of Health Approved laboratory at BIA Katunayake; or,
    • (b) A Quarantine Hotel; or,
    • (c) A Safe & Secure Level 1 Hotel
  • (ii) If the Day 01/ Arrival PCR Test is Negative, shall be released with their parents without further Quarantine.
  • Children of 12-18 years, if depart two weeks after obtaining at least a single dose of Pfizer Vaccine, will be considered as Fully Vaccinated.
  • Unvaccinated children of 12 -18 years (of fully vaccinated parents) need to undergo Day1 PCR testing at a Ministry of Health approved laboratory at Katunayake or at a Government Quarantine Centre (for Sri Lankans and Dual Citizens) / Quarantine Hotel / Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel. If the Day 1 PCR report is negative, they will be released. From Quarantine and will be allowed to go home with fully vaccinated parents.
  • The maximum permitted transit time for passengers with an onward confirmed connection at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) is 16 hours.
  • https://www.caa.lk/en-special-notices-covid19 Changes in above link effective 30Nov2021 in REV 3 ,Edition 3 of SD020

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Please Note

  • The changes made in this document are highlighted with a thick vertical bar on the right-hand side.
  • An Online Health Declaration form Effective 01 Jan 2022 it is mandatory to fill the Online Health Declaration form individually and upload the relevant documents(Vaccination record, COVID 19 negative test report, Data page of the passport etc. prior to boarding. They should arrive with the QR code (in mobile phone or hard copy) issued to them.
  • Health declaration form online can be accessed at https://airport.lk/health_declaration/index
  • All passengers except Sri Lankan nationals and Dual citizenship holders are required to fill the Arrival cards.
  • For tourism please refer to https://www.srilanka.travel/helloagain

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