United to fly Delhi-Newark from July 10, bookings through agents

The travel agent community has been rejoicing this move as United has availed their bookings through agents.

American airline company United will operate three special flights on the Delhi-Newark route starting July 10, offering passengers a wider choice for travel to the US.

The airline, which has received an approval to operate flights from Delhi on July 10, 12 and 15, has already opened ticket bookings.

The airline made the announcement this morning and has allowed booking through travel agents. The airline will be flying in Boeing 777-300 to Delhi to repatriate passengers and anybody with valid visa and documents would be able to travel.

The travel agent community has been rejoicing this move as United has availed their bookings through agents.


Jay Bhatia, Vice President, Travel Agents Association of India (TAAI) said:

The announcement has just come this morning, we have been informing our clients, who we know want to travel to the US.

We should have feedback coming in on Monday as today being a weekend, most people won’t be working. And because it’s a direct flight that they are operating, it would be much more convenient and faster to travel.

There is plenty of demand coming in from people who want to go back to the US, either for their work or to attend colleges or go back to their families. The demand is huge and they are operating three flights right now.


The best part is that they are the only airline allowing travel agents to book these flights, as on Vande Bharat agents aren’t allowed to make bookings.

A ticket on these Delhi-Newark special flights, according to sources, are priced more than Rs 55,000. It cannot carry passengers from Newark to India on these flights.

A message shared by United to some agents around 11am today, reads, “Flights are full in four hours, will update new dates as and when we get approval.”

In a July 1 press release, United mentioned it would fly 25 percent of its flight schedule in August, up from 16 percent in July.


On the other side of the Atlantic, United had planned to offer its customers more opportunities to get to Europe and beyond, and to fly more from Chicago, New York / Newark and San Francisco.

It had also announced the resumption of services from Chicago to Brussels and Frankfurt. From New York / Newark to Brussels, Munich and Zurich and from San Francisco to London.

The press release also said, “After government approval, United will resume daily service between Delhi and San Francisco and New York / Newark.”

In a circular issued on Friday, the DGCA extended the suspension of scheduled international commercial air service in the country until July 31, 2020.


However, the aviation authority of the circular had stated that scheduled international flights could be allowed on selected routes on a case-to-case basis.

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