United Extends Suspension of Two Flights Between India and US Over Russian Airspace Usage


As we earlier reported that Chicago based United Airlines has suspended its two direct flights between San Francisco – Delhi and Newark – Mumbai as it has terminated its use of Russian airspace amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis. Now, the airline has extended the suspension on both flights.

United Airlines said on Monday it has indefinitely suspended two flights to India after halting flights that flew over Russia last week. However, the airline stated that it will continue to fly to Delhi from both Chicago and Newark.

Last Monday, the Biden administration joined the European Union and Canada in barring Russian airlines from using US airspace.

United Extends Suspension of Flights Between San Francisco-Delhi And Newark-Mumbai

The airline appears to have withdrawn all inventory of the below-mentioned flights from its sales platforms, at least until the end of March 2022.

  • UA867/UA 868 | San Francisco – Delhi – San Francisco
  • UA829/UA830 | Newark – Mumbai – Newark

United’s last flights from Delhi to San Francisco and Mumbai to Newark were on March 2. On the way to Newark, the Mumbai flight had to make a stop at Bangor, Maine. United’s last U.S.-departing legs of those two flights to India were on Feb. 28.

Amid the lack of access to Russian airspace, some international flights to Asia are taking longer routes, and some must make a stop. Prior to the present upheaval, over 1,000 US flights per week, including many cargo flights, flew over Russia.

Russia Imposed Ban On Airlines From 36 Countries

Russia’s national aviation agency imposed a ban on airlines from 36 nations, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Italy, and Canada, in retaliation for similar restrictions placed on Russian airlines by the United States and its Nato allies.

Earlier this month, European Union (EU) chief Ursula von der Leyen revealed the bloc’s decision to limit its airspace to Russian flights.


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