Unexplored Places in India


Nowadays a break from our work is mandatory. Because we are all living in a world which is full of tension and stress. It is important to go for a vacation every year within India or far-away places from India. By this way of enjoyment, people can get rid of their work stress and find themselves fresh after coming from vacation. There are so many beautiful places in India to see and there are also so many unexplored places in India. Here let us see about the unexplored places in India. So, next time you can plan your trip to one of those unexplored places in India.

List of beautiful places that are not known by us.


There are so many travel bloggers for easy understanding of the places we are planning to visit in India. Among all the bloggers, Travel Blog India website is the most Authentic website where the travelers will share the experience such as hill stations, pilgrimage places, resorts they visit. So we can make use of those travel blog India and enjoy our trip. In the Travel blog, many travelers share the place Dalhousie which is a popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh. This place is not known to so many of us and it is in the category of the unexplored places in India for Honeymoon. Even Wayanad and Coorg is considered to be a place for a honeymoon. Also, we can go as a family for Wayanad and Coorg.


Ranthambore is one of the famous national park situated in the northern state of India, Rajasthan. We can go with our family to this place and we can spend our time in capturing the pictures of the animals. We can see all the animals here. So, kids really enjoy this place. This place is one of the offbeat destinations in North India.



Kumbhalgarh Fort is also located in Rajasthan but it is in western India. After the Great Wall of China, this fort is considered to be the second greatest wall. We could not travel all way to China but we can see Kumbhalgarh fort which is located in India. The top view of this fort will be really awesome to see. This is one of the most admirable places in India. Don’t ever miss to see this place in your lifetime. This is one of the secret places in India. Because many people don’t even know about this place.


Rabdentse palace is considered to be the second capital of Sikkim and it is being destroyed by the Gurkha army. We can now see only the incomplete/ruined palace. Only two rooms are left in the palace and the rest of them are destroyed. But this incomplete palace itself is nice to see and we can really enjoy the climate and the pleasant breeze from there.

Tughlaqabad fort

Tughlaqabad fort in Delhi is one of the famous places in Delhi. But this fort is also ruined during the war. We could not see the complete structural designs of the fort but this incomplete structure itself is nice to see. This is situated in the southern outskirts of Delhi. It is considered to be the new tourist places in India.

Maluti Temple

Maluti Temple is located in Jharkhand. It is formed with the group of 72 temples. We have to plan a full day spending in this temple. Mostly the aged people like to see the monuments and sculpture. The idols present inside the temple will be very beautiful to see. This place comes under the unknown famous places in India. 


Belum Caves

Belum Caves is located in the Kurnool district. This cave is considered to be the largest and longest cave in India. We could see a beautiful Buddha statue near the caves and Meditation hall inside the caves. A deep passage is present inside the Belum caves which will be very nice to see. This place is one of the unexplored places in south India.

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