UK’s Dependent Visa Policy Hits Non-EU Student Recruitment

A significant shift in UK visa policy appears to be having an early impact as nearly half (44%) of the nation's business schools report that they will fall short of their non-EU recruitment goals this year.

The ramifications of the United Kingdom’s forthcoming dependent visa policy, set to be implemented next year, are already coming to light. A noteworthy shift in UK student visa regulations is beginning to impact the recruitment strategies of the nation’s business schools.

Impact of Dependent Visa Policy on Non-EU Recruitment

The introduction of the UK government’s new dependent visa policy, which prohibits non-EU students from bringing family members with them unless they are pursuing postgraduate research courses, is already having a noticeable impact on non-EU student recruitment.

A recent survey conducted by the Chartered ABS revealed that nearly half (44%) of UK business schools anticipate missing their non-EU enrollment targets for the current academic year.

Overall Enrollment Trends

The situation diverges when it comes to international students from non-EU countries. There is considerable fluctuation in the enrollment patterns, with nearly half of the schools noting growth. Meanwhile, a third of institutions report a decline.


Among non-EU international students, 23% indicate unchanged enrollments, and 33% report a slight or significant decrease.

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India Remains a Key Source of Non-EU Students

Despite the overall challenges, the interest of Indian students in studying in the UK remains robust. Notably, the survey identifies India as the country with the most significant surge in enrollments for the academic year 2023–24.

Among countries that have witnessed significant enrollment increases for the 2023-24 academic year, India was the most frequently mentioned.


New Visa Policy Restrictions

The UK government, in May 2023, announced a ban on overseas students bringing family members unless they are enrolled in postgraduate research courses. This policy is set to take effect in January 2024, and it is expected to have widespread implications.

Anticipated Negative Impact

A substantial majority of survey respondents expressed concerns about the potential negative impacts of the new visa policy on their business schools’ ability to attract international students.

The ban on visas for dependents of students is anticipated to create recruitment challenges, particularly in the non-EU international student segment.

In conclusion, as the UK prepares for changes in its visa policies, business schools are navigating the evolving landscape of international student recruitment with an eye on the potential challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


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