UK Priority And Super Priority Visas Available For Students, Apply ASAP: British High Commissioner


The British High Commissioner, Alex Ellis, announced on Tuesday that the UK’s Priority (PV) and Super Priority Visa (SPV) services are now available to Indian students, and he also advises students to apply for their visas as soon as possible with the necessary documentation.

“Update for Indian students travelling to the UK. The United Kingdom has now made Priority and Super Priority visas available for students. There is a high demand — we recommend you apply for your visa as early as possible with the required documentation,” said Alex in a Tweet.

Message from British High Commissioner to India

Alex in the video message posted on Twitter said;


“Students and visas, the UK is an amazing place to go and study, and that why we are our own records, for the number of student visas which we have issued globally until June 2022. This coming academic year with you will get even more and India is number one source country of students coming to the UK.”

So, if you are going to study in the UK this year, please apply for your visa now. Make sure you have included the right documentation that is;

  • Offer letter from the University.
  • Your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Tuberculosis (TB) Certificate and
  • Proof of Funding.

“If you want to, you can apply for the priority visa which gets you there with a turnaround of about five days or a super priority visa even quicker than that.

At the movement, we are dealing with student visas in about 15 days. There is huge demand. So please Indian students, great that want to come to the UK. Apply now, get the documentation right, Thank you very much,” Alex added.


UK Priority Visa And Super Priority Visa Services

UK Priority Visa

When applying, you can select the ‘priority service’ option if you verify your identity at a visa application centre and the service is available in the country from which you are applying. You will be charged extra for this service. And, after your appointment at the visa application centre, you will receive a decision within 5 working days.

UK Super Priority Visa

If you choose SPV services, UK Visas and Immigration will make a decision on your application and contact you by the end of the next working day after you submit your biometric information.

Who can apply for priority visa services?

According to the VFS website, new study visa customers applying for these eligible routes from Australasia, China, the Middle East, South Asia, North America, and South America will now be able to select Priority Visa and Super Priority Visa appointments as part of their online journey.

The VFS also stated that the number of PV and SPV appointments is not decreasing, but please keep in mind that PV and SPV services must be purchased online during the appointment booking process and cannot be purchased in the Visa Application Centre or retroactively.


UK Visa Processing Time

The United Kingdom has updated the visa processing times, if you apply for a visa and either attend your appointment at the visa application centre or use the ID Check app, you should receive a decision within three weeks.

  • Short-term study visa
  • Student visa
  • Child Student visa

If you verify your identity at a visa application centre, you may be able to get your visa faster or receive other services depending on the country you’re in – check with your visa application centre for more information.

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