UK Plans To Reopen For Fully Vaccinated Travelers


British officials are considering plans to open up international travel for passengers who have been fully vaccinated, enabling tourism to resume to more than 150 countries and territories including the vital US market and some of the most popular destinations in Europe.

Under the policy, which is still being discussed inside the government, people who have received both doses of Covid vaccines would not need to quarantine on returning from medium-risk countries on the so-called amber list.

That would provide a major boost to airlines and tourism businesses who have been hammered since the start of the pandemic forced governments to shut down international travel.

Under current rules, destinations are coded red for the highest coronavirus infection risk, amber for medium risk, and green for the lowest risk. Travelers are advised against going to amber or red list countries.


People who arrive in England from destinations on the amber list must quarantine at home or in the place where they are staying for 10 days, and take at least two Covid-19 tests during the period.

However, carriers have criticized the policy, especially after Portugal was abruptly taken off the green list earlier this month, dealing a blow to the all-important summer travel season.

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