UK Passengers Must Test Negative For COVID To Enter USA


The United States said Thursday that it will require air passengers traveling from the United Kingdom to provide a negative coronavirus test within 72 hours of departure.

The steps is taken to prevent the spread of the new variant of coronavirus emerged in UK.

Passengers will be required to have a negative PCR or antigen test within 72 hours of boarding their flight from the UK to the US. Passengers are also required to provide documentation of their laboratory results, either as a hard copy or electronic.

If a passenger chooses not to take a test, the airline must deny boarding to the passenger,” the CDC said in its statement.

A growing number of countries have banned British travelers amid the rapid spread of the new virus in London and elsewhere. 


Earlier this week, Canada and dozens of other counties announced new restrictions on U.K. travelers after British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the coronavirus variant could be 70% more transmissible and is driving an alarmingly rapid spread of infections in London and surrounding areas.

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control said earlier this week that while preliminary analysis in the U.K. suggests the new variant is “significantly more transmissible,” there is no indication that infections are more severe. Experts have warned, however, that even if the variant is not more lethal, it will likely lead to an increase in infections, hospitalizations and virus-related deaths.

“This additional testing requirement will fortify our protection of the American public to improve their health and safety and ensure responsible international travel,” the CDC said in a statement. “This new order is consistent with the measures that have been taken so far to increase our ability to detect and contain COVID-19 proactively and aggressively.”

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